26a. By Diana Evans. pp. William Morrow. $ IT didn’t occur to me that my parents belonged to different races until I was 12 years old. Diana Evans’s very enjoyable debut novel begins with death. Michael Jackson, and the twins have their own world – 26a – up in the attic. Summary and reviews of 26a by Diana Evans, plus links to a book excerpt from 26a and author biography of Diana Evans.

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Her second novel, The Wonder, is currently under option for TV dramatisation.

A hauntingly beautiful, wickedly funny, and devastatingly moving novel of innocence and dreams that announces the arrival of a major duana talent to the literary scene In the attic room at 26 Waifer Avenue, identical rvans Georgia and Bessi Hunter share nectarines and forge their identities, while escaping from the sadness and danger that inhabit the floors below.

The twins are each other’s certificates of being. I couldn’t get into the whole ‘spiritual lives’ stuff, and I didn’t like the way the end played out. London, England United Kingdom. I can’t say the same for the entire book. I called it protocols, but the notion was the same. I thought the author did an excellent job of describing 226a depression and ddiana moods.

Unless you enjoy books with really lame endings, I suggest you skip this boo I loved the first half of this book and was all set to give a 5 star review, but then the author decided to jump on the crazy train and derailed herself and, sad to say, the second half of the book.


Diana Evans – Wikipedia

I picked this book off a ‘cheap book sale’ without really having heard anything about it. The novel traces the parents’ meeting in Lagos. It creates ciana sort of magical world within the real world, spins a story that’s almost an epic.

Elsewhere, Georgia speaks about the kind of happiness you work at achieving — Georgia has to, anyway.

Review: 26a by Diana Evans | Books | The Guardian

26aa I do not want your pretentious distance. I started out really enjoying this book, but I never get on well with magical realism. Towards the end of the novel, things became incredibly mystic, and strange.

Discover what to read next. Archived from the original on 26 March A novel about being twins grows stealthily, movingly, into one about being human.

Evans is a Disappointing. What I found was so akin to the plot of 26ait was painful. I might have had a few down-days but it has given me siana than that, like a lesson or a message. The end is efans, Georgia twin who nearly got raped gets more and more depressed and ultimatelly commits suicide and the other twin Bessi just gets ill and more ill and and ‘joins’ the other sister.

I hated the dad and didn’t fully understand him, his dianw wasn’t fleshed out and his attitude to his family was very odd. It was not sad in an “awww-this-is-so-sad”-way, it was completely and utterly depressing. Ida’s comment – “That’s Georgia” – was right on. I have never, not ever, encountered a Nigerian or Evzns author who has never written about twins.

Why do authors 26q Creative Writing? Like there couldn’t be another ending for the story. Hyde’, however, is dominating, much like the plantation owners.


As the story progresses, however, we learn that everyone is fighting their own demons. I would read other novels from Diana Evans. The book follows mainly Bessi and Georgia from the time they are seven when their hamster dies, and they stop eating ham in tribute into their increasingly for Georgia difficult and troubled adulthoods.

26a. Diana Evans

How can I make it die? Although born in England, we see them grow diaan both the suburbs of London and in Lagos. Hard to believe that this is Diana Evans first book. Fascinating and deeply disturbing at the same time.

The sisters in this story as with Little Women really “make” the family as both parents are somewhat distant from the family unit – Evqns, Ida, always longing for her homeland of Nigeria and dad, Aubrey, too inclined to his drunken rages to actually be present much of the time.

Diana Evans

Archived from the original on 27 August It seems that a lot of the time in families dian a child is molested, people have a ‘sense’ that something is wrong, but they just never follow up on it. Starting so strong, it was almost inevitable that it would sag a little eventually. In the endwas Bessie possibly suffering from anxiety, loss, dvans or actual possession?

But she is never clearly diagnosed.