At least some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that isn’t here. A.D. After Disclosure is all about what might . One of the most original works ever to appear in ufology, A.D. After Disclosure is the first work of non-fiction to examine not only whether or not UFO secrecy can. Written by Bryce Zabel, Richard M. Dolan, Audiobook narrated by Kevin Foley. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible ?.

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Both Volumes one and two are must reads for not only the so-called “UFO buffs”, but are an important part of the real history of the United A.d.atfer. At this point we leave the solid ground of what is known and begin to speculate. Superbly argued case for a global assessment of the whole UFO subject Explores the implications of both a breakaway society and unawakened humanity.

I like how the authors made out a real life scenario. Great read Very interesting book, nothing really newbut gives an interesting idea of what may happen if governments world wide have to admit there is life elsewhere.

I have always found refreshing his open-mindedness and devotion to unbiased, accurate observation.

Inas a result of a secret agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Disclousre, a transnational corporate space program began to emerge. How would it all play out? How else to explain the astounding level of insight and staggering detail this book offers on what is supposedly a hypothetical situation? Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.


Entertaining, it was what I expected. Above all, believe in humankind, in our ability to face unexpected challenges, in the strength and wisdom that reside within us, much more than we realize, waiting for the moment to manifest.

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And yet, whatever the reasons for keeping us in the dark, we deserve to hear the full story now. Yet I also look at the reality and do not believe that a full discloure would ever occur. dislosure

Speculation alone, of which this field a.d.afterr no shortage, can turn into chasing your tail, but in this case we have very educated and thorough speculation. Dolan does a great job of disc,osure the down-stream-effects of what will happen in the world following ‘After Disclosure’.

The authors, however, argue persuasively that there is more to the phenomenon than that. The book is indexed so you can access the information with ease. In short, it’s a very minimal disclosure.

There will be attempts to institute new systems and establish new utopias. Experts on the unexplained and paranormal, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages. Or will it lead to revolutionary new technologies, extended life spans, and world peace?

A.D. After Disclosure

Air Force has done, that Mantell mistook Venus for a UFO, flew too high, blacked out due to a lack of oxygen, and then crashed—a conclusion that seems rather disrespectful.


Overall, a very enjoyable read. At times the book reads more like a report prepared by a think tank. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Write a risclosure review.

Review: A.D. After Disclosure |

Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel have produced a thoughtful and provocative analysis that goes well beyond the usual scope of books on UFOs and alien life.

The biggest lie in history is about to be shattered. For me, that’s rare. Anyone interested in UFOs should read this book.

Bryce Zabel grew up near McMinnville, Oregon, just a few miles from the spot where two of the most famous UFO photographs in history were taken. Someday soon, possibly this decade, our leaders may admit that people who have seen UFOs aren’t crazy or liars, but honest, decent witnesses who have seen something extraordinary.

A friend and I planned a two-night camping trip to explore the wilderness. When disclosur happens, do you want to know what to expect, or not? Excellent work Any additional comments? This book is definitely worth a read. Marcus December 4, at 4: A.d.atter transform the most important information of our time into fodder for stand-up comedians?