The Akai SXL is a 16 bit professional stereo digital sampler. Accessories: AC power cable, operators manual, O/S disk, MESA disk, Demo Sequence disk. SXL Operator’s Manual – Version iii WARANTY WARRANTY AKAI Electric Co. Ltd. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI . Hi, I just bought an Akai S Sampler without manual. I didn’t find one with google (just the xl Version, which is diffrent). Akai Pro wrote me, that they bought .

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This field allows you to set the program number of the program. This function is extremely useful for emulating the playing styles and phrasing of solo instruments such as flutes, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, etc.

The pitch bend on the SXL allows you to set a different range for bend up and down as well as use pressure and a special mode is also available to make it more flexible. This is a quick and easy way of combining several programs together for multi-timbral sequencing, layering and key splits.

This is useful when you have loaded in a variety of sounds from different disks or hard disk volumes and wish to sequence them multi-timbrally see later. It also allows you to set up sophisticated multi-timbral configurations i.

Akai S3200XL Operator’s Manual

akia Lfo2 No prizes for guessing that this selects LFO 2 as the modulation source. One of the beauties of the Akai samplers is that there are no restrictions on what you do with samples – any sample can be placed into any keygroup in any program.

As long as you don’t press the SAVE x3200xl and accidentally overwrite your floppy disk or hard disk volume, you can’t damage your sounds permanently or come to any harm you can’t damage a CD-ROM as it’s a read only device.

DATA wheel or numerically from the numeric keypad. Be very careful using this feature as deleted takes cannot be retrieved. A single program, part or keygroup cannot be sent to more than one effects channel. This is suggested as it will make selection and comparison of different sounds in any given part easier. Smp3 In all of the sample pages, you may select between them via the three SMP soft keys. As mentioned, these functions have been retained in order to preserve compatibility with data created on these samplers.


Typically, this will be to set different programs to different MIDI channels for multi- timbral sequencing but you may also use the MULTI mode for layering programs and for key splits. If the take does not play back successfully, the reason is probably that the SXL has not received the appropriate start command as set in the field. The SXL also includes a multieffects processor that offers no less than four channels that include two multi-effects channels with distortion, EQ, ring modulation, modulation effects such as chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, auto panning and rotary speaker effects plus delay and reverb.

Many interesting things are possible when modulating LF01 with this LFO – at extreme settings you can make LFOI’s modulation speed up and slow down for special sound effects or synth sounds but, if you’re trying to breathe some life into some dead string samples, for example, you may like to use LF02 to slightly modulate LF01 thereby affecting the vibrato very subtly so as to eliminate the inherent ‘cyclicness’ of LFO modulation.

This will be because LF01 ‘s depth is set to You can even use this wave to control LF01 ‘s rate so zkai not only will pitch, tone or whatever modulation input this LFO is assigned to be random but the speed of modulation will change randomly.

Akai Professional S Digital Sampler – Akai – Encyclotronic

If, as mentioned, the samples do not have a pronounced attack, then a combination of mono legato and the mute group function will give you a smooth transition across the keygroups. This is used when monitoring the signal you are sampling through a mixer.

Page 5 but you renumber this to program 7 and a strings program to program 5, the guitar sound will use the effects selection for program 7 whilst your string section will turn into the violinists from hell!! This type of key switches between two types of display – pressing it once displays note names, pressing it again displays notes as MIDI note numbers.


Never attempt to modify the equipment in any way.

Akai SXL Manuals

If a program’s priority is set to HOLD, notes from this program can only be stolen by the same program. This takes you to the parameters concerned with individual keygroups. Of course, there may well still be some glitches but this can be overcome using the crossfade key. Again, the program name is shown at the top right of the screen and other programs may be selected for editing if you wish. The range is Using them when the cursor is on a parameter field in the S.

Similarly, with fretless bass, the portamento pedal may be used to slide notes whenever you please. Taking Care Of Your Disks Saving To Hard Disk Power requirements for electrical equipment vary from area to area. Tuning And Transposing Parts One useful feature of the SXL is that it is possible to be playing one program whilst another is being selected.

Now, let’s imagine we want to arrange our multi as follows: In the SXL, we always use another program as the basis for a new one. This allows you to control pan position using the modulation wheel. This may also be useful in simulating the tremolo effect found on organs. The choice is OM omni and 1 to Basically, it operates in different ‘modes’ which are selected according to what it is you want to do. The padding will help protect the disk drive’s delicate head mechanism against shock and excessive vibration.

But before we look at the program editing functions, let’s first look at what a program is. You may load a sound, the pan position of which is set to L Normally, there is no other entry procedure required; simply displaying the correct value of a parameter using the DATA encoder selects and stores it into the SXL’s memory.