Akhenaten: The Heretic King. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Pp. xxvi, , The American Historical Review, Volume. Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. Akhenaten, the heretic king. [Donald B Redford] — Describes the world of Akhenaten, a ruler of ancient Egypt who attempted to introduce.

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Akhenaten: The Heretic King

Still, this is an excellent study, better written than most such scholarly works. The Inscription of Mes document which dates to Ramesside times refers to Akhenaten himself as “the enemy of Akhetaton” as Egyptians had fully rejected his revolution by this time and the crisis which it sparked.

Akhenaten commanded Aziru to come kong Egypt and proceeded to detain him there for at least one year. May 03, Megaera rated it it was amazing. There is much controversy around whether Amenhotep IV succeeded to the throne on the death of his father Amenhotep III or whether there was a coregency lasting as long as 12 years according to some Egyptologists.

But there’s a clear bias in his writing. Questions remain whether the beauty of Nefertiti is portraiture or idealism. Mar 11, Martine rated it liked it Shelves: Why do you act so? Such scenes included him kissing his daughters and sitting with his wife in a family oriented manner. They have akyenaten that the elongated skull, cheek bones, cleft palate, and impacted wisdom tooth suggest that the mummy is the father of Tutankhamun, and thus is Akhenaten.

Akhenaten the Heretic Pharaoh –

So perform your service for the king, your lord, and you will live. He is his father’s image on earth, and as Akhenaten is king on earth, his father is king in heaven. The Heretic King is an invaluable reference on the Akhenaten temple at Karnak.


His mummy akhensten never been found. Professor Redford has directed a number of important excavations in Egypt, notably at Karnak and Mendes.

But these imaginary creatures are now fading away as the historical reality gradually emerges. Akhenaten, King of Egypt.

Akhenaten the Heretic Pharaoh

Yet, while the monarch appropriated unto himself the virtues of the one true god, the solar disk, he generally failed as a governor, weakening Egypt as a result. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Until Akhenaten’s mummy is positively identified, such theories remain speculative. He turned away from old priests and began the cult of the sun disk — the Aten. Say to Aziru, ruler of Amurru: Very soon afterwards, he centralized Egyptian religious ths in Akhetaten, though construction of the city seems to have continued for several more years.

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A notable result of Akhenaten’s centralisation tendencies was the appearance of large-scale corruption among the king’s state officials who held unprecedented control over all the wealth and produce of Egypt. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Hogarth Press Now the king has heard as follows, “You are at peace with the ruler of Qidsa.

May he send me much gold in order that my brother [with the gold and m]any [good]s may honor me. Freud commented on the connection between Adonai, the Egyptian Aten and the Syrian divine name of Adonis as a primeval unity of language between the factions; [69] in this he was following the argument of Egyptologist Arthur Weigall.


Tushratta complains in numerous letters that Akhenaten had sent him gold-plated statues rather than statues made of solid gold; the statues formed part of the bride-price which Tushratta received for letting his daughter Tadukhepa marry Amenhotep III and then later marry Akhenaten.

The documents were found in Gurob and are dated to regnal year 5, third month of the Growing Season, day For other uses, see Akhenaten disambiguation. However, akhenaaten of members of the court, especially members of the royal family, are extremely stylized, with elongated heads, protruding stomachs, heavy hips, thin arms and legs, and exaggerated facial features.

In honor of Aten, Akhenaten also oversaw the construction of some of the most massive temple complexes in ancient Egypt. In these new temples, Aten was worshipped in the open sunlight rather than in dark temple enclosures as had been the previous custom.

For example, on pagehe states, “…the unbelievable richness of his [Tutankhamun’s] undisturbed tomb has so dazzled us that it is hard for us to think of him as a human being.

American Historical Association members Sign in via society site. Current literature by Eric Cline, Nicholas Reeves, Peter Dorman and other scholars comes out strongly against the establishment of a long coregency between the two rulers and in favour of either no coregency or a brief one lasting one to two years at the most. The Heretic King is a fascinating and valuable resource on Akhenaten aknenaten his reign, but Akhenaten fans are advised to stay away.

FM rated it really liked it Feb 09,