Full text of “al bidayah wan nihayah Ibn Kathir Early Days” .. 1 le then wrote a separate volume called An-Nihayah Fil – Fitan Wal-Malahim (The Ending With. the early day of the creation, al bidayah wan nihayah by imam Ibn Kathir. Untuk mendapatkan koleksi ebook lainnya seputar islam, muslim dan dapat didownload gratis, silahkan kunjungi.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. October Supervised by: Tel -4 7 3 Fax Suwaydi branch: Tel; 1 Suwailam branch: Tel Fax: Etloe Road, Leyton, London. Lakcmba Sydney NSW GQ9 E-mail: Allah is the Creator of All Things Mention of the Progeny of lbraheem -si Mention of Ishaq -bt. I praise Him and 1 seek refuge with Him from the sins which weigh upon the backs of mankind.

I worship Him and seek His aid in removing hindrances and difficulties in the practice of my religion. We seek Your favor and through You we seek to ward off affliction. We ask You to protect us and to grant us mercy.

Make not our hearts deviate after You have already guided us. Make it easy for us to perform our deeds in the way that You have taught us. Make us grateful for what You have given us and make plain a path for us which leads to You.

Open up the doors between us and You by which we may arrive before You. Among the blessings which Allah has bestowed upon us, the community of Muslims is that He has made it easy for us to follow the path of guidance, and He has opened the doors of knowledge by making available to us these new publications, which present to us the writings of the early scholars and reveal to us what they said regarding legal verdicts, history, events, information and lessons.

These scholars opened a clear nihayxh of light for all those Muslims seeking guidance and they set up for us a signpost in which there is neither deviation nor crookedness.

Whoever follows it will arrive safely at his desired destination and whoever diverts from it will be lost forever.

(Biografi & Sejarah) Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah Ibnu Katsir

They have written these books and treatises and made clear to us therein nlhayah, information and virtues. This book was greeted with approval by the vast majority of Muslims.

No Islamic library would be complete without it. Most Wn has made easy for him about the history of mankind, from the beginning of creation, starting with the creation of the Throne and the Kursi Footstoolthe heavens and the A, and all that they contain and all that lies between them, bbidayah as the angels, the jinn and the devils. He then recorded his Seerah. Me also spoke of the trials and battles, the signs of the approach of nihahah Hour, then the sending forth of mankind and the terrors of the Resurrection, which he described in detail.

He then described the Hell-fire, with all its horrors, and Paradise and all nihatah good things contained therein. He called this particular volume of his book: As for the book which is in our hands today, it is Al-Bidayah.

Allah enabled me to make the acquaintance of a number of people of bidayaah and experience in this field and a plan of action for the work was written.

It consisted of ten principal points and we then started the task, seeking help from the Lord of the heavens and the Earth. Biography, life story’, in particular, of Prophet Muhammad s. Summarization of the text. This was achieved by concentrating on the most important events narrated in the book.


In doing so, we took care not to leave out any important details which would cause loss of meaning or import. Wc relied on a number of printed and handwritten copies of the book and in cases where any contradiction or omission was found, we succeeded in establishing the most accurate and authentic text. On rare occasions, when it was found that there were no other ahadeeth in the chapter, wc included some weak ahadeeth whose weakness was not of an extreme nature.

al bidayah wan nihayah Ibn Kathir Early Days

We performed takhreej 2 of the ahadeeth with ascription of the number of the section and the page, the number of the ao and in many cases, the precise location of the hadeeth in the original source, then the ruling on its authenticity, if it was not from the Saheehain, because the ahadeeth therein do not require any ruling on their authenticity and they have been widely accepted by bidayxh 1 Hasan: Referencing the sources of a hadeeth and evaluating them.

Saheeii A l- Bukhari anil Saha eh Muslim. As for the ahadeeth in this book, we have relied on the opinions of the Imams and scholars of hadeeth including the earlier scholars, the later scholars and those of the present day. On some occasions, we have recorded the weak ahadeeth. We have not omitted them because the author has included them in order to warn the people against them due to their widespread popularity amongst the Muslims in general.

We summarised the a.

Wc omitted many of the Isra ‘eeliyyat found in this book which the author referred to in the preface, where he said: These arc stories which are neither believed nor belied and they have been recorded because they provide details of unc la rificd narratives that we have, or they provide names for people and places that have only been mentioned in passing in our Bihayah, due to there being no benefit in specifying them for us. Thus wc have reported them in order to provide extra detail and not with the intention of citing them as evidence or nihayab any reliance on them.

Only the 1 Unimah: Nation or people; in this case, what is referred to is the scholars of I he Unimah t 2 Asaneed sing. In some instances, we have referred back to the original manuscript in order to verify the wording of a hadeeth from its source. In some cases, the author has combined two narrations of the same hadeeth bifayah and nihayyah where this has occurred, we have noted it and separated the two narrations, placing our own words between brackets, i.

Wc vowel ised the words of many of the ahadeeth in the book and, in addition, the poetic verses, wherever possible. We mentioned the meters of the poetic verses between parentheses. We furnished a brief biography of the author, Hafiz Ibn Katheer though in reality, lie requires no introduction and no description.

Finally, I ask Allah, Most High, to accept this humble work from us and to acknowledge it as having been done purely and sincerely with the aim of pleasing Him and to grant us and our 1 Chureeb: A hadeeth which is reported at one or more stages in its chain of narrators by a single narrator.

In addition, we ask Mini that He include this work in the weight of our good deeds on the Day of Resurrection – a Day on which neither wealth nor sons will benefit anyone – except for those whom Allah has blessed with pure hearts.

And our final declaration is that all praise and thanks are due to Allah, and we invoke blessings and peace upon Prophet Muhammad and upon all his righteous family and Companions until the Day of Reckoning. Verily, all priise and thanks arc due to Allah.


We seek His aid and we ask forgiveness of Him. We seek refuge with Allah from the wickedness in ourselves. Whomsoever Allah guides, there is none who can misguide him and whomsoever He sends astray, there is none who can guide him. He sent him with guidance and the true Religion and with the light of truththe admonition and wisdom, at a time when no Messengers were sent for a long period, when there was little religious knowledge and the people had gone astray, when the Hour was drawing nearer.

Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has followed the right course, while whoever disobeys Allah and 1 1 is Messenger erred from it and gone far astray. Muhammad Then he gave a detailed description of his life and what happened after that, up to the time in bixayah he, lived.

Yoosuf Al-Hajj, the necessity of s ummarizi ng this book in a suitable manner, through the omission of unbeneficial repetition, weak ahadeeth, lengthy poems, etc.

Darussalam funded the entire project, paying each team member for his contribution and work. After they completed their portion of the project, the work then went lit rough numerous people in the Research Division of Darussalam, who meticulously went through the work, adding and subtracting materials. After this, the project went through another round of editing of the Arabic material before it was sent to the translation department.

All praise and thanks be to Allah for allowing us to produce such a classical work for the first time in the English language. We ask that You bless us with sincerity and success and that You spread goodness through our hands. He was born in Mijdal, a village on the outskirts of Busra, in the year A.

H, where his father was a khateeb. He delivered formal legal verdicts, was a teacher and debated with other scholars. He was a leading scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence, tafseer and Arabic grammar, in addition to which he applied himself assiduously to the study of rijal i2 and weaknesses or! The one who delivers the Friday sermon khutbah in the mosque. He has written many beneficial works. It combines Kitcib ut-Tahdheeb and Al-Meezan and consists of live volumes. He died before completing it – may Allah have mercy on him.

In it, he combined the musnads of Imam Ahmad. His birthhis upbringing and his education: He was born in Mijdal, a village on the outskirts of the city of Busra. He was then brought up by liis brother. Shaikh Abdul Wahhab, from whom he learned the fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence.

Then he moved to Damascus in the year A.

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He died in qan year A. He died in ihe year A. He benefited greatly from his association with him and married his daughter. In addition, lie studied under die Shaikh, the Hafiz and historian. Al-llafiz Shamsuddecn Adh-Dhahabi said in A!

He possessed huge knowledge of 1 1 See: I le delivered legal verdicts and he continued to study until he died. While this irritating old age remains. His contemporaries and his teachers all acknowledged this. Every time I met him I gained some benefit from him. He had a phenomenal memory and seldom forgot anything.

He had good understanding and was a scholar of Arabic language who wrote average nihayahh. I le taught and he benefited his listeners and the pages of his legal verdicts spread throughout the lands and he became famous for his accuracy and his bidaayah and editing skills.