“DM Pro”, “DM5”, “QS8” and “QS” are trademarks of Alesis Studio Electronics, Inc. Selected material for this manual was imported from the Alesis DM5TM and. Alesis DM5 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis DM5 Reference Manual, Quick Start Owner’s Manual, Supplementary Manual, Quick Reference. View and Download Alesis DM5 reference manual online. High Sample Rate 18 Bit drum Drums Alesis DM5Pro Kit Quickstart Assembly Manual. (12 pages).

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A voice is a sound-generating element with several variable parameters: Footswitch Hookup If your footswitch seems to respond backwards notes sustain unless the footswitch is pressedturn off the DM5, make sure the footswitch plug is fully inserted into alesos footswitch jack, then turn the power back on.

This should make it possible to lower the Xtalk value, which will allow the pad sensitivity to increase.

Alesis DM5 Manuals

Use this indicator when adjusting the Gain parameter for each of your triggers. Signal 3 is a second “real” To sum it up, the more heavy-duty your hardware is, the better. Xternal Riggering It may take considerable experimentation to achieve reliable triggering…then again, it may not.

These are permanently stored in ROM Read Only Memoryso even if you edit one of them or replace one by storing a Drum Set into its memory location, you can recall any of the original presets whenever you want.


When you select a Drum Set, all of its sounds and parameter settings are recalled to recreate the original kit.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. When a trigger is struck lightly, the level indicator will move only slightly from left to right. For more information about setting up the External Trigger parameters in the DM5, see pages 18 through 22, and Chapter 6.

The Store Button Example: The DM5 is equipped with a demo sequence to show manusl few of its Drum Voices in various musical styles. This is because the DM5 is interpreting the signals from the stand vibrations as hits. It may take considerable experimentation to achieve reliable triggering…then again, it may not. You can use either a normally closed or normally open momentary contact footswitch.

Page of 68 Go. Mix button – adjusts the Level and Pan settings of the selected Voice. To listen to the.

Preview button – plays the currently selected voice. The DM5 has two Main and two Aux audio outputs on the rear panel, as well as a rpo output on the front panel.

ALESIS DM5 User Manual

When the Root Note is altered, vm5 drum note and trigger assignments shift together along with alrsis in parallel. High-definition drum module with dynamic articulation 48 pages. Phones – Stereo Headphone Jack. Group button – selects drum Voices to be combined into groups. Setting Up The DM5 comes with a power adapter suitable for the voltage of the country it is shipped to either or V, 50 or 60 Hz.

It simply takes a lot of experimentation to arrive at the correct combination for the type and size of drum, and the drum kit configuration you are using.


This data can go to another DM5 or to a MIDI system exclusive storage device, a computer running System Exclusive storage software, or a musical instrument capable of recording System Exclusive data. Placement of the trigger should be on the players side of the drum, within a lug or two of where the stick would hit if you played a rimshot. Page 27 At times the tom 1 and the tom 2 pad are triggering when not being played. Decay You can use either a normally closed or normally open momentary contact footswitch.

For more information about each Function button, see pages 28 though Don’t show me this message again. Always check to be certain that none of your stands or drums are leaning up against, or touching any other drums po piece of hardware.

Each note is assigned a voice.


Value Wheel – increases or decreases the currently selected parameter. The Noise floor is the signal level threshold a vibration or sound must exceed before it can trigger a drum sound. Start by slightly lowering the Gain setting for the pad. DM5s in a chain as you like to accomodate your needs. To listen mahual the demo sequence: Signal 1 is a legitimate hit from the snare pad.