Deploy to the users using SCCM, active directory or whatever your company uses. Answered 04/12/ by: olditguy. Second Degree Blue. Application Packaging Using AdminStudio The next training opportunity is June Register yout training seat today. Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio How to deploy application via common deployment methods.

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This is basically the only option your given besides package name when setting up a repackage. This is where we install our application. Use of our site signifies acceptance of our privacy policy. Select “Compress all files” to produce an MSI that contains all of the necessary files to install the application.

You have now completed all of the typical changes needed to produce an MSI file. I have used it to repackage applications much more complicated, as well as capture settings such as the bookmark.

Keeping Applications at the Ready

Generate readiness reports and app portfolio statuses. If a package needs additional tweaking, including modifying icons, then read on and adjust the package as necessary. When you first open Repackager, you are presented with this screen. Place any desired shortcuts to the desktop or start menu in the ‘all users’ profile so all users can get to them.

AdminStudio is a product from Flexera Software that can be a complete, end-to-end application management system. This is a simple demo, but it will illustrate all of the features of the program. Check out the specs behind AdminStudio. Make sure that only the files that are supposed to be included are. Repackager then runs from the clean machine, while applicatiom suite is installed on a different machine.


You can adjust shortcuts after install, but that is it. Uslng an application installs a driver as part of its installation, Repackager is not a solution for deployment.

As you can see, the analyze system option is now selected. That was a quick and simple example of the power of Repackager. You must look at it the files and registry keys and decide if what Repackager captured really belongs with this installation. Snapshot This is basically the only option your given besides package name when setting up a repackage. I also do not join my Repackager machine to my domain or have it in my CM environment.

In these instances, software installation is almost always a manual process and cannot be automated. I am not going to go through the Firefox install process, but I did use all of the defaults. If you need the additional features discussed in the second half of this document, install the whole AdminStudio suite from physical media.

Application Deployment: Using AdminStudio Repackager

Look for errors during installation. The AdminStudio suite can be installed on your primary machine.

Since I want to set a bookmark in my Firefox install, I am going to select snapshot. There usijg no set of items that you can automatically exclude after every capture. After doing a few these, you will get the hang of what can be excluded.

Exclude all files that do not need to be packaged. After the analysis is complete, you get this screen: The single step process is pretty much the same thing as installation monitoring, so we will not be able to customize Firefox.

This set of screens is where we can go through and exclude files, registry keys, and INI file settings.


Application Packaging & Software Deployment Tools

If you use a default Perl Script to install this application, further confirmation that everything was installed properly can be found by looking at the log file that was created during the MSI install. More than a packaging tool, AdminStudio arms your IT team with a complete application readiness solution.

Close the Developer application. Twitter Tweets by WinMgmtExperts. By default, the file is located in the C: Learn what will work. Mobility helps your business compete. Also, you will need to exclude any shortcuts to an uninstall file. I will go into more detail about this later in the article. The newest version of Repackager v To test the MSI for dependencies on network drives, unmap all network drives before installing the application. Preparing for the Move to Windows 10 and Beyond.

Be sure that you save the project to the local hard drive C: AdminStudio Virtualization does exactly that. For IT organizations seeking an advanced application packaging solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable software deployment.

Version 9 debuted the Remote Repackager. Repackager does have some limitations. This aapplication where you tell it if you want to use Installation Monitoring or Snapshot. I will use the snapshot method to capture the installation. If you experience problems with the contents of these web pages, please visit the IT Solution Center and submit a ticket with information relevant to the problem.