We use appositives to redefine or clarify a noun phrase; test your knowledge in this exercise!. Play this game to review Grammar. What is the purpose of an appositive?. Play this game to review Grammar. St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. St. Valentine was never married. Which option uses an appositive to combine the.

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It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. January 7,at 1: October 29,at 9: Appositivez Lesson For your convenience, all of our lessons are available on our website in our lesson archive at http: English Language Arts Grade: February 23,at 4: An appositive is a noun or pronoun, in the form of a word, a phrase, or a clause, that further explains, renames, or identifies another noun or pronoun in that same sentence.

appositkves August 30,at 3: Julie Minsky is a precise identifier so the appositive is surrounded by commas. Ella my little sister will escort you to your seat.

Commas with Appositives |

Julie Minsky is necessary to help identify CEOso no commas are used. When stating a sentence with a name, would you use a comma after it? Watch out for Main Street, a very slick road.


The sentence does not contain an appositive, as is described in this post. Search the Blog Search for: It was the division portion of the test rather than the multiplication portion that was most difficult for the students.

The entire phrase following Jack is an appositive.

My friend is not a precise qyiz because one may have numerous friends. September 25,at April 26,at 7: Your email address will not be published. They showed home movies. July 23,at 6: August 9,at 2: The title is essential in your first sentence.

Here are three possibilities you can probably construct more: September 11,at 5: Students will see examples of sentences where a change in punc November 13,at appisitives March 3,at 5: The parents of Andrew, the dead man, were fighting a custody battle. My editor and I are having a dispute in this. If you have only one friend, only one cousin, or only one brother, then your commas are correct because the names of wuiz people are not necessary to precisely identify them.

Now that you have completed the learning activity Telephone Etiquette, continue to the next page of your learner guide.

Training, content, and community

Three Doors Down, the bandis performing at the Palace tonight. Watch out for Main Street. Harvey is a precise identifier. Would you provide an example of the type of sentence you need advice on? Venice a city of canals villas and marvelous cuisine is home to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.


In the second sentence, the phrase given to Shadam by her father is essential to the word scarf since it identifies that particular scarf. Rule 4 of Semicolons: He is the tall man in the coveralls.

Since there is most likely more than one professor of clinical psychology at Amsterdam University, Pim Cuijper is necessary to help identify the professor. My sister Sue will be having a party next week. I have a question regarding a next sentence: My dog, a toy fox terrier, is well-behaved.

Happiness is watching Brad Pitt, at his best.

Julie Minsky, CEO, will be our featured speaker. My brother Alex enjoys breaking toys. April 19,at 3: Thank you for pointing this out. How do I make it clear that Eric is the husband in this long list of people that live in this house? Karren is greeting the guests.