Atbv: Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer or Working Hours (Transport) Decree;. RGBCT: Regeling gebruik boordcomputer en boordcomputerkaarten. (= Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer). 9. Occupational Safety and Health Decree. Agents Interpretation 2. Medical certification (Regulation ). With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer). In addition.

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Employees in the mining industry herewith are arbeistijdenbesluit by the same safety and working conditions as industrial workers in other sectors. Drawing and publication of inspection reports Chapter VI: Provides for the supervision of the quality of education.

Act of 24 December concerning Legal Employee Insurances for Civil Servants Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen. Arneidstijdenbesluit amendments of several education laws in connection with the adoption of a document concerning proportional representation of women in decision-making positions in education.

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General provisions Chapter II: Ministerial Decree with General Effect of 3 Marchregulating the instruction for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, charged with the execution of the police task, as well as the instruction concerning the use of violence and firearms for civil servants of the Police Corps of the Netherlands Antilles, chargeD with the execution of the police task, and other officers who are involved in the execution of the police task Regeling ambts- en geweldsinstructie KPNA.

Phase two consists of the application of the Sickness Funds Act to civil servants, and phase three does the same for civil servants who cannot work due to sickness or dismissal. Decree of 9 Marchamending the Decree on the General Legal Status of the Police Force in connection with the responsibility of the employer in the case of an accident incurred during the service of police officers. Amends several regulations concerning employment conditions for civil servants in connection with the applicability of the Disability Benefits Act to such civil servants.

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Reduction of Working Time Decree Provides for mainly technical amendments regarding the two Decrees as mentioned in the title. Supplementary unemployment benefit Chapter III: Secondly, the ranks of the volunteer police force are defined.

Contains provisions laying down requirements with respect to the competency of teaching personnel. Decree of the Netherlands Antilles of 23 December amending some Decrees in connection with the entry into force of the Retirement Decree for Civil Servants Pensionenlandsverordening overheidsdienarenthe Country Decree APNAthe provisions concerning a new payment and judgment system introduced by the Country Decree Substantive Civil Service Act Landsverordening Materieel Ambtenarenrechtthe Payment Country Decree Bezoldigingslandsbesluitand the arrangement of part-time work for civil servants on a fixed contract and their legal status in connection herewith Invoeringslandsverordening rechtspositionele regelingen The Decree replaces and inserts new articles on the re-integration of sick persons, and dismissal in case of non-cooperation on the part of the sick person.

Provides for some minor amendments, mainly in the sense that some provisions in the Act do not apply to military men that objected to military orders or deserted their posts. The coming into force of the Agreement is given retroactive effect until 1 January National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 76, first and second subsections, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P.

Final and transitional provision.

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Decree of 10 Marchamending among others the Decree on the General Legal Status of the Police Force, in connection with the granting of an allowance for legal aid to police officers. Regulates, inter alia, the definition of ‘insured persons’, as well as the definition of teaching personnel. The General Pension Fund is herewith provided with additional funding to guarantee pension benefits for national civil servants.

Amends those provisions of the Working Hours Decree which regulate, i. The arbeodstijdenbesluit of this amendment is to harmonize the pension and resignation provisions given to civil servants and public teachers with those employees in former public institutions which are now private.

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Decree of 20 January determining the Decree on Extra-Legal Unemployment Regulation for Teaching Personnel in Primary and Secondary Education and Vocational Education Besluit bovenwettelijke werkloosheidsregeling voor onderwijspersoneel primair en voortgezet onderwijs en educatie en beroepsonderwijs. Decree of 13 November containing the amendment of the General Civil Servants Regulation and some other decrees in connection with the formalisation of the Labour Conditions Agreement for the Government Sector Makes amendments relating to the imposition of professional competency requirements for entrepreneurs in the “push and pull navigation sector”.

Provides for amendments in the legal status of educational personnel; inter alia contains provisions on quality management, shortening of working hours, and leave provisions.

Decree of 27 October amending the General Regulation on Civil Servants and some other decisions, in connection with the regulation of departmental consulting with central bodies of the assemblies of civil servants. Decree of 6 August to amend the Decree on the traffic of goods on the road and the Decree on passenger traffic with regard to changes in the regulation of the entrance into the profession of road transport worker, and the mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates, and other titles.

Requirements to income and occupational costs Chapter IV: The aim of these amendments is to provide for job guarantees for employees who must undergo prolonged medical examinations and tests and who, for similar reasons, may not be able to work for a period of time. The Remuneration Decree National Civil Servants of “Bezoldigingsbesluit Burgerlijke Rijksambtenaren” is herewith amended to provide for wage increases.