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Further, he has wisely refused to limit himself to a mere description of the processes of the exchange, and has set himself to penetrate the motives which underlie it and the feelings which it excites in the minds of the natives.

Feb 15, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: This ideal imposes in the first place the fundamental obligation of giving a complete survey of the phenomena, and not of picking out the sensational, the singular, still less the funny and quaint.

From this new material, scientifically hall-marked, students of comparative Ethnology have already drawn some very important conclusions on the origin of human customs, beliefs and institutions; on the history of cultures, and their spread and contact; on the laws of human behaviour in society, and of the human mind. In observing ceremonies or other tribal events, such, for instance as the scene depicted in Plate IV, it is necessary, not only to note down those occurrences and details which are prescribed by tradition and custom to be the essential course of the act, but also the Ethnographer ought to record carefully and precisely, one after the other, the actions of the actors and of the spectators.

With a chart before me, I could easily and conveniently go over one item after the other, and note down the relevant practices and beliefs contained in each of them.

Now in this capacity, their mental states receive a certain stamp, become stereotyped by the institutions in which they live, by the influence of tradition and folk-lore, by the very vehicle of thought, that is by language.

The list of anthropological books that I have read is comprised primarily of breezy works of synthesis such as Emile Durkheim’s Elementary Forms of Religious Life and Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. No one would dream of making an experimental contribution to physical or chemical science, without giving a detailed account of all the arrangements of the experiments; an exact description of the apparatus used; of the manner in which the observations were conducted; of their number; of the length of time devoted to them, and of the degree of approximation with which each measurement was made.

If you delve into Malinowski, make sure you take a look at his personal take on the people he observed. I consider that only such ethnographic sources are of unquestionable scientific value, in which we can clearly draw the line between, on the one hand, the results of direct observation and of native statements and interpretations, and on the other, the inferences of the author, based on his common sense and psycholgical insight [6].


The results of scientific research in any branch of learning ought to be presented in a manner absolutely candid and above board. Special attention is given to the role played by magic in the institution of the Kula, the social organization of the natives, and their mythology and folklore. Jun 10, Risa rated it liked it. Magical rites, associated with the preparing and loading of a canoe.

The Table on the next page will serve as an example of this makinowski and help the reader of this book to form an idea of the trustworthiness of any statement he is specially anxious to check. I — Arrival in the coral Islands. The best ethnographical writers — here again the Cambridge school with Haddon, Rivers, and Seligman rank first among English Ethnographers — have always tried to quote verbatim [13] statements of crucial importance.

I have therefore to express in this special place my obligations to the many who have helped me. What will be the method of procedure? The initiative of my expedition was given by him and I owe him more than I can express for the encouragement and scientific counsel which he has so generously given me during the progress of my work in New Guinea.

II — The division into Kula communities; the three types of Kula, with respect to this division. Again, studying the concrete data of economic transactions, in order to trace the history of a valuable object, and to gauge the nature of its circulation, the principle of completeness and thoroughness would lead to construct tables of transactions, such as we find in the work of Professor Seligman [10].

For, in every act of tribal life, there is, first, the routine prescribed by custom and tradition, then there is the manner in which it is carried out, and lastly there is the commentary to it, contained in the natives’ mind.

Let us call them the inponderabilia of actual life.

Argonauts of the western Pacific

He chooses to give the spells in their entirety in both Kilivila the language of the Trobrianders and in English. A few words must be said about these three foundation stones of field work, beginning with the second as the most elementary.

The fallacy of differentiating a science or an art according to its application and the moral intention of the agent is obvious enough with regard to pharmacy and artillery; it is equally real, though arognauts many people apparently it is less obvious, with regard to magic. Importance of personal participation in native life. IV — Pacifkc story of ship-wreck and rescue.


With this, and with the capacity of enjoying their company and sharing some of their games and amusements, I began to feel that I was indeed in touch with the natives, and this is certainly the preliminary condition of being able to carry on successful field work. XIV — General remarks about certain aspects of method.

It ought to show some advance in method; it ought to push research beyond its previous limits in depth, in width, or in both; finally, it ought to endeavour to present its results in a manner exact, but not dry.

This account has been culled, as a preliminary monograph, from Ethnographic material, covering the maliowski extent of the tribal culture of one district. It looms paramount in the tribal life of those natives who live within its circuit, and its importance is fully realised by the tribesmen themselves, whose ideas, ambitions, desires and vanities are very much bound up with the Kula.

VI — Exchange of gifts and barter. This expedient for an Ethnographer consists in bgonislaw concrete data of evidence, and drawing the general inferences for himself.

In each culture, the values are slightly different; people aspire after different aims, follow different impulses, yearn after a different form of happiness.

Not the least interesting and instructive feature wsetern the Kulaas it westrrn described for us by Dr. The first distinctly visible signs of human existence in malinows,i neighbourhood are the patches of garden land.

One of the first books since starting goodreads that I didn’t finish not because I didn’t like it, I just could get my head around it as the mercury rose. Though we cannot ask a native about abstract, general rules, we can always enquire how a given case would be treated.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronislaw Malinowski – Free Ebook

There is, however, one point in which the latter often excel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There is no chieftainship, authority pwcific exercised by the elders in each community.

Both by theoretical training and by practical experience he was well equipped for the task which he undertook.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronisław Malinowski

Seligman, where a thorough account is given of all the main types of Papuo-Melanesian sociology and culture one after the other. Jeremy Bentham and Mr. XIII — Substances used in these magical rites.