Ascenso de Endymion, El (Spanish Edition) [Dan Simmons] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 23 cm. p. Encuadernación en. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The time of reckoning has arrived. As a final genocidal Buy El ascenso de Endymion (Los cantos de Hyperion Vol. El Ascenso de Endymion / The Rise of Endymion (Zeta Ciencia Ficcion) by Dan Simmons at – ISBN – ISBN

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Retrieved from ” https: Finally Raul is allowed to take her communion. Junto con Raul Endymion y el androide A. Raul and Aenea are arrested. Kindle Edition File Size: Los cantos de Hyperion Vo.

El ascenso de endymion / The Rise of Endymion

Aenea sends de Soya away and then interrupts the mass. In this sealed cell he spends what is to him an indeterminate amount of time and he confesses as narrator of the story to having lied about not knowing her fate as announced at the start of the previous book. The limitations of the cruciforms also became clear. Views Read Edit View history. Aenea realises that they seek to force her to cast away and use the gathered data to replicate her abilities.

Aenea has spent her time teaching and also reveals that many people qscenso the planets she has visited have taken “communion” from her. Silenus dies and is buried.

It is the fourth and final novel in his Hyperion Cantos fictional universe. She reveals to the present Pax officials the physical location of the Technocore; inside endymiin cruciforms. Be the first to review this item. Amazon Web Services Goodreads Shopbop. Upon reaching the end of his perilous kayak trip 8 standard daysRaul finds the starship they had abandoned in the previous book.


El ascenso de Endymion / The Rise Of Endymion by Dan Simmons | : Books

Facing up to this and having subconsciously thought about things ascensso writing Raul realises that Aenea told him he has the ability to cast as she did, as others could too if they practised, and qscenso casts himself to Pacem. The time of reckoning has arrived. Urban announces a new Crusade upon his conception as Pope, and with the construction of the new “Archangel”-class warships, sends his fleets out to make war on the Ousters, still hiding along the edges of human-populated space.

However, other worlds resist Pax control, with independence movements using various tactics to achieve their goal of eventual independence.

Raul learns from her that the cruciform is not natural, it is a construct of the TechnoCore, that while the farcaster portals were believed to be used to allow the TechnoCore to use human brains as processors the cruciform now fulfill this role. A large Pax fleet manages to intercept de Soya’s ship inside the system after five years of it conducting successful raids against the Paxbut Aenea rescues the Captain and his surviving crewmembers.

At the time of this novel, the Roman Catholic Church has formed the Pax, an administrative entity that formalizes the Church’s control and implements a kind of theocracy. Hoyt is then reborn, and when elected Pope again, takes a new Papal name: Aenea tells Raul that she hasn’t looked into the future for the coming two years, tells the others not to travel to Earth for two years, that this time it is just for her and Raul and their yet to be conceived child.


El ascenso de Endymion / The Rise Of Endymion

Having endymon up many people from T’ien Shan in the consul’s spaceship, the spaceship is nearly destroyed by Pax ships but instead it farcasts, without a farcast portal, to an Ouster Dyson Sphere made from trees provided by the Templars. The four almost catch up with Raul, but are intercepted by Shrike, who destroys one of the siblings.

It is learned that the inhabitants of Hebron and Qom Riyadh had been forcibly removed from their planets by the Church and taken to a secure location, where the inhabitants were placed in a asceso of cryogenic suspension. The torture chamber is surrounded by TechnoCore sensors.

Asceso Enabled Screen Reader: Cover of first edition hardcover. Aenea repeatedly refuses to let Raul take communion from her, claiming that they cannot afford the distraction brought on by the new experiences.

People who take communion ascensl Aenea by drinking wine infused with a drop of her blood undergo several changes due to the virus she carries: The ship informs Raul that the travel to Ti’en Shan will create a 5-year time debt due to time dilation inside Hawking Space so when he arrives Aenea will be Hardcase Hard Freeze Hard as Nails.