Brain port device. 1. Brain Port Device By- Sneha Sambhaji Patil Ragini Kishor Thorat Sujata Shivaji Pisal; 2. Introduction What is Brain Port. BrainPort® is a device that can compensate for lost eyesight. It can also help to improve your balance after a stroke, brain injury, and a range of vestibular. Key Words: Brainport Vision Device, Tongue Device,. Electrotactile Stimulation for sensory substitution. 1. INTRODUCTION. Introduction. A blind woman sits .

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How BrainPort Works

White pixels yield strong electrical signals that some say feel like champagne bubbles, while black pixels give no signal. This technology uses the tongue because it is more sensitive and a better electrical conductor than other areas of the body, such as the devics or the back. The device can also be used to address problems of balance.

Sensors transmit information about the position of your head, the amount of pressure on your feet and other bodily positions and then relay the data to brainpott tongue, where you learn to interpret your position in space and make the adjustments you need to stand straight, or to walk without fear of falling. Bralnport by Wicab Inc. A researcher from the University of Wisconsin, Jack Sherman PhD, describes the experience of a patient with traumatic brain injury:.

For example, when your head tilts to the right, your tongue receives stimulation on the right and when your head is in the middle, you can feel the pulses in the middle of your tongue. After a while, your brain learns how to interpret these signals and you can correct your balance without thinking. They could control their body movements and walk steadily in a variety of environments with a normal gait and with fine-motor control.

  ASCE 32-01 PDF

They experienced muscle relaxation, emotional calm, improved vision and depth perception and normalized sleep patterns.

Other trials have also shown xevice tongue stimulation can help people to improve their balance. For example, ina team of researchers tested 12 healthy adults to see if they could stand still with their eyes closed. The brainprt on their tongue did help them to balance, although the team agreed that more research was necessary. A demonstration project with 10 people began in Germany and distribution in Sweden and Italy are awaiting official approval.

He describes a woman who felt as though she was constantly falling, even when she was lying down. Cheryl lost her sense of balance when she took large doses of antibiotics to treat an infection after a hysterectomy.

BrainPort® – Research & Hope

The vestibular system in her inner ear was so badly damaged that she had no idea whether she was standing, sitting, or lying down. This also affected her vision, as every object looked as though it was shaking. Bach-y-Rita made a hat with sensors that could detect the position of her head debice translate this information into messages that he could send to a small pad on her tongue.


Doidge describes one session:. She leans back from the table, keeping two fingers on it for contact. She lifts her fingers from the table. She starts to cry — the flood of tears that comes after a trauma; she can open up now that she has the hat on and feels safe.

The first time she put on the hat, the sense of perpetual falling left her — for the first time in five years. Consequently, they discovered that the balancing effects brinport after Cheryl removed the hat. As the treatment progressed, she was able to balance for longer periods without the device:. Her residual effect progressed to multiple hours, to days, and then to four months. Now she does not use the device at all and no longer considers herself a Wobbler.

Doidge describes one session: As the treatment progressed, she was able to balance for longer periods without the device: Silberman Books p.

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