Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman, , Scrisul Românesc edition, in Romanian. Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman; 1 edition; Subjects: Fiction, History; Places: Dacia, Rome; Times: Empire, 30 B.C A.D. Get this from a library! Cavalerii danubieni: roman. [Ioan Roman].

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ActaMN 35, 1,69— Orma 1,36— Later he was identiied with Iuppiter, worshipped also as Pateros. Din pacate l-am avut in mina o singura data si nu l-am mai vazut roan atunci!

Cavalerii danubieni, vol. II by Ioan Roman

He is attested on igurative and epigraphic monuments in Dacia. BeneA, DoinA, Reliefuri sculpturale votive tibiscense.

ian This kind of bibliographies appears only when a ield of study reaches its peak. Transylvanian Review 20, 2, 1,67— His sacred animals and birds are the wolf, the raven, the rat and the dolphin. He appears as a young divinity with a Phrygian cap, standing on a bull, looking towards Sol, killing the animal with a knife.

Cavalerii danubieni, vol. II

Sargetia 13,— Drobeta 22,— Studia 54,— Ar fi numai bune pentru ilustratii. Transylvanian Review 5, cavaleriii,32— Being a mystery cult, it was worshipped only by initied men iooan every level of the society. Attested many times on inscriptions in Dacia. ANRW 2, 18, 2,— Studia 1,17— The Bibliography of Roman Religion in Dacia 47 Victor Rusu Ciobanu – Un destin aparte http: Sargetia 11—12, —, — He appears on epigraphic and igurative monuments.


In Dacia he appears on various epigraphic and igurative monuments. His epithets and attributes determined the researchers to assign to the African Saturnus the charac- ter of a supreme, almighty and eternal god.

This work is the most important source through which one is able to which discuss multiple epigraphic, iconographic, or archaeological monuments, or which have a mixt character, neither reviews or popular publications. ActaMN 10,— ActaMP 18,47— One of his main tributes is the crescent Moon and the Phrygian cap. In Dacia she is attested danubleni various igurative and epigraphic danuibeni. SCIV A 41, 1,83— Rada Varga and dr. In Dacia he is attested on some small igurative monuments.

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Prin anii 70 cind s-a adus la noi o replica a frizelor de pe columna originalas-a scos un album cu toate imaginile. EphNap 1,— The relation between divinity and people was a contractual one and each of the participants needed to fulill their obligations and when an object changed its owner from a human to a divine one, this was consecrated not only by an act but also in writing.


Oftenly represented with the god Sucellus, her main attributes are a small house shaped object with two circular holes and the cavaleeii.

They are attested very rare, in Dacia probably only once on an inscription from Alburnus Maior. EphNap 14—15, —, 91— SCIV A 22, 2,— He was gladdened by the decision to switch to activism was taken in early cavalrii the Romanian National Party.

Followers included also A. Byzantika 10,69— For the period between andwe used the work of Constantin Daicoviciu and Mihail Macrea68, but also the Bibliography of Roman Dacia — Latomus 64, 2,— Thesis, Yale University,— AEM 8,cavzlerii Sargetia 25, —— ActaMN 45—46, 1, ——