An archive of the works by and on Chattampi Swamikal. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. ABSTRACT. Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal, shortly known as Chattampi. Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer.

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Mystical combinations of sound that were realized by sages and rishis during stags of deepest meditation. It was eminently suitable for rest and contemplation. He had spent years in making himself conversant with sacred books and the culture of ancient times. This Nair chief who was installed as the representative of God was one of the principal disciples of Nilakanta Theerthapadar, 54 It was now the responsibility of Kaima!

He did not develop his skill in the art of painting. For this he became the target of attack not only of orthodoxy but even of the ordinary members of his own Nair community. Thejr have helped me more often than Chattzmpi dare to confess. Prapanchathil Stree Purushanmarkulla Sthanam The position of women and men in the universe.


But for occasional nocturnal trips to neighbouring places. Not even the faintest shadow of worldiiness overhung his heart. It was not in poetic exercises only that Swamiji trained his young disciples. On return, he obtained expert training in the art of yoga from Admananda Swamikal.

They are unable to range freely in the open. In about an hour they were closed completely. By swamikla the necessary efforts to Vlfi make available a knowledge of their life and ideas prevalent in one region in others also, across the barrier of language and time, we aid in the emotional integration of the nation and even of mankind. He had the power to cure seemingly incurable diseases and make cobras and even tigers obey his behests.


Sometimes Nanuasan joined him at Ettumanoor.

The advanced techniques of Yoga and pranayama he learnt from Atmananda Kumara Velu as also from Thycaud Ayyavu, an expert in Hathayoga. They soon heard the sound of a swamikzl frog splashing into the water. Of this treatise, written by him in pencil, we have got only a part in book form.

He used to practise a kind of “enema”to cleanse his bowels. He travelled miles and miles on foot in search of knowledge, and when he acquired it, he wandered again as the inspirer of people.

His vision of unity Samadarsana was the outcome of his vedantic conviction that Atman is Brahman, that each man is potentially divine and that all existence is one: Krishna Pillai and Sree Narayana Guru respectively. The room was locked 47 from inside. Yet from his earliest years he was remarkable for his piety, his devotion to duty and his openness of mind. Swamiji sowed the seeds of revolution in the fields of belief and custom in Kerala.

Under the pen name of ‘Agasthyan’ he contri- buted to Sadguru articles like ‘Sareerathathuva sastram’ and ‘Desanamangal’. They were to swim from one side of a large tank to the opposite side and return to the place from where they started. During day time it used to be kept in the patippura. His poems chatatmpi writings were the offsprings of necessity. When his official duties compelled Kesava Pillai to move from Trivandrum to Vamanapuram, 12 Chattambi accompanied the family.

It lifted its head slowly, crept towards him, licked his hand and wound itself round the extended hand.

It contained for me a testimony, a testament and m ever-green hope, swamikkal in one, for all times. Swamiji alone remained unmoved, humming a tune. He reminded his disciples that s all the ills that the flesh is destined to endure ha’ave to be endured before the soul would secure-e its release. There are many still living who have seen squirrels receiving food from his hands.

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Sri Chattambi Swamigal has been one of the constant altars at which I have, chxttampi by day, sur- rendered and invoked endless streams of power and strength. He locked intently at him, and the beggar noticing it got up and walked away.

He explained Vedanta in a lucid style that could be understood even by an illiterate. He used to sleep with all the doors open.

Chattampi Swamikal | Kerala Renaissance Leaders in Malayalam

But the universal note in it is unmistakable. During this time he also acquired proficiency in the treatment of snake bite and in mantras. Kunjan was a child prodigy. He had to support his family. Swamigal soon noticed the exceptional gifts of the youth and decided that he was fit to be guided along the right path. Well has he observed: Swamikal settled down at Panmana, a village in Kollam district, towards the end of his life.

When their Prarabdha Karmas are over, they cast off their bodies, and the Jeevan dissolves in the Absolute Brahman.

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With a simple rite he cured the lady of all her complaints and blessed her with what was really a new life. Although he could command every convenience aiand the best medical aid at Trivandrum, Swamiji didesired to return to Panmana. In my youth chattampi I was staying there studying in the Maharaja’s College I have heard his astonished and appreciative contemporaries describing his unusual accomplishments. Among those who were blessed by their association with him and those who had witnessed with astonishment his miraculous performances 42 some are still living.