Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Mansur al-Hallaj, Diwan al-Hallaj. “On the roof, under His moon and exploding stars, Your Spirit mixed with my Spirit little by little, by turns, through reunions and . I got up and for some reason felt an urge to read from the Diwan of Hallaj. I opened up the book and came upon a selection that moved my heart in a very deep.

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August 12th, 1 Comment. In the Koran Moses and Jesus are considered fellow prophets of Allah, though Jesus is not considered as the son of God as in halllaj Bible. You are my stillness! His most famous work is the “Book of Misers” which is a unique portrait gallery of human characters rich in their contradictions and ironies.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Al-Hallaj was popularly credited with numerous supernatural acts. I picked Justin up at the train station and we spent the afternoon together talking.

Diwan e Mansur al-Hallaj

Although most of his Sufi contemporaries disapproved of his actions, Hallaj later became a major figure in the Sufi tradition.

The Abbasids were influenced by the Qur’anic injunctions and Hadith such as “the ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr” that stressed the value of knowledge and reason, and were also more cosmopolitan than the Umayyads, being allied with the Persian Barmacids and less ethnocentrically focused on the narrower tribal culture of the Kureysh, the original tribe of Muhammad.

Then he attended a talk by Andrew Harvey at Omega and what he heard lit the fire of longing in his heart to communicate with the Divine. Moez rated it it was amazing Aug 29, So I got up with tears welling up in my eyes and flowing freely down my face, and went to get my laptop amazed at how Love works and awed and humbled by how we are placed in service by Divine Decree.


He wrote with an existential edge to his Epicurean ethos that embraced every kind of pleasure and satisfaction. Chapter 1 is an homage to the Prophet Muhammad, for example, while Chapters 4 and 5 are treatments of the Prophet’s heavenly ascent ot Mi’raj.

Mansur Al-Hallaj

February 9th, Comments Off on Beyond Dogma. State University of New York Press. Originally an academic scholar and professor, he was persuaded by a wandering Sufi mystic, Shams al-Din Tabrizi, to take up the Sufi life and put the love of God at the center of his existence. His book “Spiritual Leadership” was praised at the court in Baghdad by the Caliph al-Mamun, who appointed him as court scribe, personal secretary and speech writer.

You are my purpose and my meaning I call you, but it is you who calls me to you Did I call out to you or did you call out to me? This book satisfied my curiosity in a very unexpected way.

It is foiled by a cosmic quest of the protagonists intoa mythic dimension dowan a change of heart in the Iranian Supreme Leader following a visit of the Angel Jibreel Gabriel who commands him to “Open the Gates of Ijtihad” or creative reasoning against the tradition of blind precedent and conformity to the past as a means giving rebirth to the spirit of the lost Islamic Golden Age and preventing Armageddon and World War III.

Indeed, the problem with the “two spirits in one body” language is that it does not affirm union and unity strongly enough; there are diwann spirits left whereas the Sufi fana’ texts speak of utter annihilation and annihilation in annihilation the annihilation of the consciousness of annihilationwith only one actor, the deity, left.


Diwan Al Hallaj by Mansur al-Hallaj

The expressions of his intimate moments with the Beloved are like a powerful thunderstorm that sweeps the heart with terrifying power and yet brings serenity, life-giving water, freshness, and renewal to the heart, and occasionally a rainbow upon the horizon.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Hippolyte rated it it was amazing Aug 05, The supporters of Mansur have interpreted his statement as meaning, “God didan emptied me of everything but Himself.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want diwah read.

Al-Hallaj gained a wide following as a preacher before he became implicated in power struggles of the Abbasid court and was executed after a long period of confinement on religious and political charges. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In my annihilation my annihilation perished And in my annihilation I found you In the effacement of my name and the outline of my form I asked about me so I halkaj Zaky rated it really liked it May 11, Diwan Al Hallaj by Mansur al-Hallaj.

Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful hllaj that was forgiving, loving, and filled with wisdom. He is most famous for his poetry, accusation of heresy and for his execution at the orders of the Abbasid C Mansur al-Hallaj Arabic: Words of Ecstasy in Sufism. Untuk memahami maksud dan makna puisi al-Hallaj, paling tidak pembaca harus berkutat dahulu dengan pemahaman tasawuf; “Anaal-Haq!

Aivan Luib rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Want to Read saving…. Paperbackpages. Memoir of a Friend: This was exacerbated by occasions when he would fall into trances which he attributed to being in the presence of God.

At that time Arabic culture was largely based on oral tradition, with poetry at its center.