There he appears to honor the dying Rachel, where he tells her the story written in “The Ellimist Chronicles.” He also tells her that she was a random choice to. The Ellimist Chronicles has ratings and 72 reviews. Mitch said: Ah, the nostalgia. I’m not complaining about the state of YA book publishing now ve. Nothing in it sounded familiar at all, and I wonder if I somehow missed this Chronicles completely. Either that, or it’s fallen into that haze from the end of the series.

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And how did Crayak figure a way into the fabric of space-time which Ellimist happened into? As far as he could see, the species which grew stronger were the ones that had something to strive against.

We had three juvies. As much as I loved reading the Animorphs books growing up, I have to admit I’ve forgotten many of the stories.

But no words came.

Animorphs Ellimist Chronicles inside cover and quote.jpg

Meet the Stars of Animorphs. The Ketrans eventually came to a moon covered entirely with water.

What I think Applegate is trying to remind us is that the Ellimist is chroncles truly a God- he’s a kid. Well, step into my lair, said the dreth to the chorkant.

Don’t want to complicate or violate things here by introducing religious topics Like me in some ways, a kid who got in way too deep and couldn’t get back out. The Ketrans eventually came to a moon covered entirely with water.


I just read your spoiler bolded quote, and GAH! That marbles game is SO like what Ellimist briefly wonders, that he is a pawn in some greater beings game When the tide began to turn in the Ellimist’s favor, Crayak tricked him into piloting his ship-body near a black hole, which consumed the Ellimist. How often had I wondered whether I myself was just a game piece in a still larger game whose players laughed at my pretensions? The Ellimist had grown strong enough to fight back at this time and a galaxy-wide war between the two began, worlds and suns destroyed in their wake.

Ellimist | Alien Species | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And then we follow the wanderings of Toomin and Company as they try to find a planet where they can rebuild their race. What would I be? In the simulation, he and Augella propagated, he and Lackofa grew old together, and him and his friends who died on the Capasin attack played the Ketran game til they died.

And yet, when the flood was calmed, only I was truly alive. I’ve said this before, but: And you’re wrong about the wolf pack.

The Ellimist Chronicles by K.A. Applegate

I can accept a fantastic world on it’s own unbelievable terms for the sake of a story, but when characters do dumb things it’s just inexcusable. MrRoivas September 15, at 8: He is the reason Elfangor came to Earth. A story that needs to be told in order to understand what might happen to the future. A good addition to the Animorph lore, but I missed my favorite characters in it.

Tobias joined me a few minutes later.

But after a while there she was, human again. Which is also fitting: IMO, one of the purposes of the Chronicle books is to take a legendary character in the Animorph series and show their ascent to this legendary status from their humble beginnings. Know the Secret Animorphs: If we could codify these assumptions we could win every game. I plucked up the stalk of the plant, and carried it carefully away into the forest.


Applegate writing this book was so so so so cruel.

The Ellimist Chronicles

They’re here, chronocles, you know. Views Read Edit View chroniclez. I found that as I was reading I remembered more and more of the plot, and not because it’s unoriginal, but because for some reason Applegate’s stories just stick in your mind, like all good writing should.

To my mind, way to many sci-fi books merely use the genre to give the story a good setting for action or imagery.

You appear, you disappear, you play with us, you use us, who are you, what are you? The Ellimist appeared again to Tobias in ” The Change ,” and again, explained his desire to save a species from destructionin this case, he had arranged to free a pair of Hork-Bajir-Controllers Jara Hamee and Ket Halpakand Tobias aids the alien pair in setting up a home that eventually becomes the Free Hork-Bajir colony. Crayak barely survives, and escapes, swearing to destroy his former chronjcles.