Article byWieger about speaker kit Duetta I have been “stumbling” onto reports about the Eton chassis, with beautiful flowery descriptions and installed in all. Your specialist für loudspeakers, home hifi, pro audio, car-hifi, electronic parts, capacitors, inductors, resistors, circuit boards and accessories. Actually i had no need for yet another speaker. Our livingroom was well equipted with SB18, SB30 Center and a MDS12 Subwoofer. But our bedroom had old.

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We doubled the volume of the SB 15 Rear and the number of basses, and that gave us the name: One of the two had the Queen at home and was very satisfied.

That means a great deal of attention is paid to diagram-readers; all of the jumps in the measurement curve are smoothed out, and the baffle board in particular is designed with the greatest of care. The next layer was supposed to be 15 mm of felt. Post 1 of 4. After countless sketches, calculations and multiple paper models, I ended up with the final 3-D rendering, and my plan was complete. The deep tone in particular convinced me right away.

At the same time, they are not afraid of. Eto, all of their speakers sounded tinny and pathetic, probably because of the distributor technology.

The lid duefta given a crossbar to keep resonances from traveling upward. Some started out with mostly black discs on a turntable, while others had an audiotape in a little plastic case also known as a compact cassette. Back to top Back to the overview.

It should etton said in advance that I will be discussing errors here that occur at a very high level and that are only apparent after comparing two versions for a long period of time. Martins Duetta Grandiosa Martin fulfilled his desire for something special to play back his music, and he wrote us a wonderful report about his subjective sound impressions.


In the next step, I used contact adhesive to attach 4-mm-thick bitumen panels, in order to reduce cabinet vibrations and to dampen the emanating sound.

With a duetat minimum and nearly 5 ohms throughout above Hz after connected impedance correction, even a small tube amplifier should be perfect here when it comes to creating etoj sound at home. This step was very tricky. I ordered the assembly kit from an online supplier, and despite the guaranteed availability, it never arrived.

Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

In this photo, all of the front pieces are already glued together; the curve has been sanded, and everything is ready for the upcoming experiment: Would they work well enough here, too?

So that was out of the question. After all of my planning, I finally had the wood in my hands. Since I have zero experience, I dug through magazines, read reviews, etc. Dear Udo Wohlgemuth, thank you for the wonderful day I spent with deutta. Filling the cabinet loosely with the insulating wool, keeping the area behind the reflex channel free.

Once everything had been cut out and adjusted, the individual pieces could be put together for the initial test.

A new stereo system. Article byTojo about speaker kit Duetta. We agreed that his last visit must have been almost 15 years ago, although I think just euetta 20 years is a more realistic guess.

Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system

I actually just wanted new speakers for my desk so that I can enjoy the music and not get just a droning in my ears. But what about the music?? He was very impressed by the detailed contrast and the harmonic interactions of the SBAcoustics chassis. But after the first dry pressing attempt without the veneer, the lines between the slats were obvious. I have been convinced for a while now that the SB series has the right sound for my musical tastes.

  ASTM D1388 PDF

A small hook in the angle curve at 6.

Please verify that you are human by klicking the box next to this. It was replaced by a much cheaper core coil made of special sinter material, which provided an additional 0. Your username or email address: I only found out by email. Now gluing the slats for the front curve was no problem. It just had to create slightly more “pressure” and. Seas Micro and Dappo When we started building our own loudspeaker boxes four decades ago, SEAS was already a big name in the industry; every serious retailer had a whole collection of structures using their chassis components, given that they were the best thing yet invented for enjoying music.

For the first time I could hear what a sound stage meant, and experienced a truly deep note. Product lines disappeared, modern technology was replaced by more modern one, and new markets were catered for. All of the positive sound descriptions had made me very curious to hear this particular tweeter. We had speaker boxes in there that were worthup to five figures in euros, highly acclaimed, beautiful to look at and often praised as a standard for the hi-fi world, each one playing at the highest level, and Duetta was able to keep up.

Here we can already see that the brother has claimed all of the spots. So we started by going through the relevant big-box electronics stores and looking for ready-made speakers.