Gelbart, Stephen S. Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM), Volume Series:Annals of Mathematics Studies PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS. Automorphic Representations of Adele Groups. We have defined the space A(G, Γ) of auto- morphic forms with respect to an arithmetic group Γ of G (a reductive. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Automorphic forms on Adele groups / by Stephen S. Gelbart | “Expanded from notes mimeographed at Cornell in May of.

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Again you can define a Hecke algebra. Back cover copy The subject matter of these Notes is the interplay between the theory of automorphic forms and group representations. Sign up using Email and Password. Eisenstein Series and the Continuous Spectrum 9. Or does it just mean that modular forms for adeles addele modular forms for the complex numbers are slightly different beasts?

Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces. Is there a connection here?

How is representation theory used in modular/automorphic forms? – MathOverflow

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Since the action is associative, i.

Introduction automorpnic Algebraic K-Theory. And if you want to get into the whole automorphic representations on adeles groups then some knowledge of algebraic groups and representations of reductive algebraic groups. Here are two fairly old books that explain and exploit representation theory behind the theory of theta functions and automorphic forms neither assuming nor using algebraic geometry and commutative algebra in a serious way:.


Interpreting important recent contributions of Jacquet and Langlands, the author presents new and previously inaccessible results, and systematically develops explicit consequences and connections with the classical theory.

Markov Processes from K. See Bump’s book section 2. AMVolume Edward Nelson. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of AM-7Volume 7 Paul R.

Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM), Volume 83 : Stephen S. Gelbart :

It’s impossible to determine ahead of time whether you know enough to fully understand these books certainly, functional analysis would be helpful to knowbut the good news is that you can start right away and pick up some pieces as you go.

This is called the Local Langlands Correspondence. Rob Harron 4, 1 17 This gives an inkling of the connection. At least part of this started with Langlands classification of the admissible representation of real reductive groups.

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AMVolume 59 David Mumford.

Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM-83), Volume 83

The Trace Formula for GL 2 These correspondences should be nice in that things that happen on one side should correspond to things happening on the other. When you return to college in the fall, ask any geobart the many expert number theorists yelbart the math department glbart. Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days When will my order arrive? The point is that I’m looking for basic ideas that someone with an elementary background might be able to understand.


Here, too, the results from representation theory can be translated back into information autokorphic theta functions. AMVolume 82 Joan S. You might also be interested in this survey article by Darmon, Diamond, and Taylor: Cycles, Transfers, and Motivic Homology Theories. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It is a pity that things like these don’t occur in complex analysis courses. Dynamics in One Complex Variable. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

AMVolume 51 John Milnor. There is certainly an abundance of advanced books on Galois representations and automorphic forms.

Automorphjc browsed through the book. You should not see modular forms or Hecke characters as functions on these spaces. In particular, Jacobi sums come up in both number theory and representation theory and quadratic forms then relate to theta functions.

An introduction to the Langlands program by Bernstein and others is also good. Description This volume investigates the interplay between the classical theory of automorphic forms and the modern theory of representations of adele groups.

The most comprehensive reference is the Corvallis proceedings available freely at ams. To be a bit more descriptive about my background: