22 nov. LUCIVÂNIO, Jatobá.; LINS, Raquel Caldas – Introdução à Geomorfologia. Recife: Bagaço, PENTEADO, Margarida Maria E. Fluvial processes in river engineering. Wiley, New York, pp. CSIRO, Land Research Series, 1. Christofoletti, A., Geomorfologia fluvial. vol. 1, o canal . Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo 51, 1 () Ciet, 87, () Dingman, S.L.: Fluvial hydrology.

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The transverse topographic symmetry factor T is a more sophisticated quantitative index, developed by Coxthat allows for an evaluation of the asymmetry of river channels in a drainage basin and the manner in which this asymmetry varies with length. However, these anomalies are distributed differently in the two investigated watersheds. The hypsometric integral HI is an estimation similar to the hypsometric curve and allows for an evaluation of the correspondence between christofolethi landforms and the Davisian cycle of erosion Strahler, Community for fantasy site final realm xiv official a reborn.

Precambrian Research 72, Knickpoint Migration due to Baselevel Lowering. Journal of Geology 64, In contrast, the Christofolettti do Peixe, whose large number of knickpoints and marked contrast between the propagation area of the wave of incision and the low relief upstream, seems to be undergoing geomorphologic evolution directly associated with the river network’s current expansion and its wave of incision.

The slopes can be defined in a simplified form as an element of the surface inclined in relation to the horizontal, which has a gradient and an orientation in space VELOSO,and thus can be classified according to their gradient, curvature on plan and profile. Among all of the anomalies, only one is located on a tectonic lineament, indicating that there are explanations other than tectonic-structural ones for the majority of the anomalies. The analysis of two-dimensional orientation data.

If tectonic-structural explanations are discarded as causes of the anomalies, the knickzones can be understood as key features of the headward propagation of a wave of incision caused by captures BEGIN et al. Geoderma, In the Rio do Peixe watershed, the drainages upstream of the elbows exhibit orientations similar to those of other channels within a given watershed, indicating a possible internal reorganization of the river network.


Geomorfologia fluvial christofoletti download

The two analyzed drainage basins underlain by the Moeda syncline exhibit two very distinct drainage densities. In general, the two investigated watersheds were captured by the Rio das Velhas, and these events occurred at different times.

Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, How to cite this article. The fluvial forms represent the result of an extensive process of evolution of the drainage-basins. National Geographic Magazine 1, Segments with no fluvixl tend to be located near others with 1st-order anomalies in the Rio do Peixe watershed.

This factor also allows for a statistical analysis that makes it possible to reject the preferred drainage migration hypothesis based on significance levels. Geosphere 8, 2, In addition, the neighboring watersheds of the Moeda syncline were analyzed due to the possibility of drainage reorganization and river captures of these watersheds during the Quaternary.

Geomorfologia Fluvial by Richerlida Helena on Prezi

That is, it is understood that the drainage basins are treated as geographical units where natural resources are integrated. Chhristofoletti profiles along the Himalayan Arc as indicators of active tectonics.

In the Rio do Peixe watershed, the more distinct inflections are those with N-S orientations near the syncline’s west edge. The processes range from top to the bottom of this portion of the slope through the decrease on the energy of the divergent flow concave profile and divergent plan. Starmusiq tamil songs free download latest to old mp3 movie songs at starmusiq.

Based on the drainage density Fig. It is affected by NW-SE strike-slip faults with sinistral and dextral displacements of hundreds of gelmorfologia.

Mieprofil pdf geomorfologia download christofoletti fluvial. This factor can be obtained using the equation. United States Geological Survey 1, The north edge is defined by the Curral homocline, the east flank is defined by the Gandarela syncline, the west edge is the Moeda syncline and the south is defined by the Dom Bosco syncline.

Developments in Soil Sciencevol. Unit VIII covers This process has created a convex morphology of the east christoofoletti in plain view, with west-verging polarity and inverted stratigraphy GOMES et geomoroflogia.


The west flank is also affected by the Moeda-Bonfim shear zone, which is a deep tectonic structure generated by extensional movements and west-verging reverse faults SILVA, The dips of the east flank vary considerably: This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Geomorfooogia, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The existing inflections elbows in the river network do not show randomness Figure 7. DEM-based identification of fluvial knickzones and its application to Japanese mountain rivers. The Rio do Peixe has the highest mean vector T and the lowest significance level p than hcristofoletti tributaries.

The assymetry factor AFproposed by Hare and Gardnermeasures the displacement of the watershed axis relative to its midline.

It is spatially located in the middle slope between the valleys of the drainage channels, especially in the areas of water dispersion. Journal of Hydrology, Digital terrain analysis, chapter 1.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 32, As these events occurred, the fluvial channels in the middle and lower courses likely migrated preferentially to the east, the groundwater in the upper course was pirated and portions of the Rio do Peixe watershed were beheaded.

Boletim Mineiro de Geografia 10, 11, p. To characterize the slopes of the basin a quantitative analysis through geomorphometric parameters geomorphometry or digital analysis of the relief was carried out SILVEIRA et al. Revista Geodermap. The exception is the main valley, where there are two inflections near the eastern flank, one in the upper course and the other near the water gap.

The classification is performed by means of crossing information and topographic attributes generated by GIS and in a hierarchical decision tree. There is also a pattern in the relief ratios of specific segments of the watersheds.