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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ghadar Party.

‘Ghaddar Kaun?’ Musharraf says Sharif knew about Kargil

Allama Muhammad Iqbal Dr. Breaking Views With Malick – 30th December The Canadian government decided to curtail this influx with a series of ghadear, which were aimed at limiting the entry of South Asians into the country and restricting the political rights of those already in the country.

Somerset Maugham East Persia Cordon. ECP to hear Zardari’s disqualification petition on january 10th.

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Shahid Hasan Siddiqui Dr. Views Read Edit View history. RedSaffron and Green. Their presence challenged the hold of the British Empire; police surveillance in Punjabi villages increased in an attempt to crush the rebellion.


A large number of Punjabis also moved to the United States, but they encountered similar political ,aun social problems.

Ghaddar Kon By Sohail Waraich

Though predominantly Sikh, the party included members and leaders of many religions, demonstrating an plularistic and democratic attitude towards all Indians.

Abdul Qadeer Khan Dr. Retrieved from ” https: The members of the party yhaddar Indian immigrantslargely from Punjab. Ahmad Shuja Pasha Lt. The economic downturn in India during the early twentieth [ dubious — discuss ] century witnessed a high level of emigration.

The time will soon come when rifles and blood ghadear take the place of pens and ink. Retrieved 7 October Chughtai Akhtar Sohail Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch Senator Dr. Night Edition – 30th December Gen R Abdul Qayyum Lt.

Jurm Benaqaab – 31st December This article needs additional citations for verification. Criminals Most Wanted – 30th December Cross Check – 31st December Ho Kya Raha Hai – 31st December Faisla Aap Ka – 31st December Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Ghadar Party – Wikipedia

However, Hardayal had fled to Europe concerned that the US authorities would hand him over to the British. Where will be the Revolution?


R Mirza Aslam Ghaddar Gen. Ikhtilaf-e-Rai – 31st December Had Sharif not dashed to the US to give in and had the Kargil tactical operation been allowed to sustain itself for a few more weeks, it would have led to an Indo-Pak dialogue, Musharraf is reported to have stated in the interview.

Our religion was patriotism”. Nasim Zehra 8 – 30th December Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Deepak Thakur make it to top 3; will it be price money or trophy for them?

Firdous Ashiq Awan Dr.

Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan Dr. View All News Insight. Hasan Askari Ghdadar Dr. The party is known for setting the foundation for future Indian revolutionary movements and served as a stepping stone for independence. Zahid Ahmad Sheikh Prof.

The party was formally dissolved in Gen R Ghulam Mustafa Lt. Takraar – 31st December R Mehmood Ali Durrani Gen. Written By Amir Mir. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.