The Second Helvetic Confession (Latin: Confessio Helvetica posterior) was written by Bullinger in and revised in as a private exercise. It came to the. The Second Helvetic Confession was written in by Heinrich Bullinger ( ), whose life we considered in our previous article. A discussion on the Second Helvetic Confession of Faith. A source of information for deeper understanding of religious subjects.

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Helvetic Confession

Jerome also in his commentary upon The Epistle of Paul to Titus, says something not unlike this: Heinrich Bullingerconvert from Roman Catholicism who first aided and then succeeded the Swiss Reformer Huldrych Zwingli — and who, through his preaching and writing, became a major figure in securing Switzerland for the Reformation.

We helvetjc the Anabaptists, who maintain that a Christian should not hold a civil office, that the magistrate has no right to punish any one by death, or to make war, or to demand an oath.

But by the instigation of the serpent, and through his own guilt, he fell from goodness and rectitude, and became, with all his offspring, subject to sin, death, and various calamities.

These same works ought not to be done in order that we may earn eternal life by them, for, as the apostle says, eternal life is the gift confexsion God. He was a learned, pious, hslvetic, and faithful man, and the central figure in the second period of the Reformation in German Switzerland.

Meanwhile God has in this world and in this darkness his true confeswion, and those not a few, but even seven thousand and more I Kings But the latter, having been now discharged, triumphs in heaven immediately after having overcome all those things and rejoices before the Lord. They were followed by Moses and the prophets helbetic throughout all the world.

Ours are also more simple and less laborious, less sumptuous and involved with ceremonies.

Unbelievers do not receive the things offered; but cohfession fault is in men, whose unbelief doth not annul the faith of God Rom. And the apostle says: Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the world, the King and High-priest, the true Messiah, whom all the shadows and types helvetiic the Law and the Prophets did prefigure and promise.


But now since Christ the true Messiah is exhibited unto us, cobfession the abundance of grace is poured forth upon the people of The New Testament, the sacraments of the old people are surely abrogated and have ceased; and in their stead the symbols of the New Testament are placed — Baptism in the place of circumcision, the Lord’s Supper in place of the Paschal Lamb and sacrifices.

In these and similar respects, I say, the sacraments of both peoples are not dissimilar, although in the outward signs they are different.

Helvetic Confession | Protestant religion |

For in all his duties every minister of the Church is commanded to carry out only what he has received in commandment from his Lord, and not to indulge his own free choice. In baptism we confess our faith and pledge obedience to God. And yet he is not absent from his people when they celebrate his communion. He enables us to fulfill the law, and his righteousness and obedience are imputed to us through faith.

Now we expressly say that this repentance is a sheer gift of God and not a work of our strength. False or immoral teachers should not be tolerated, but warned or deposed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Church can have no other head than Christ.

For the apostle shows in I Cor. And explaining his words still more clearly he adds that Christ’s ministers discharge the office of an ambassador in Christ’s name, as if God himself through ministers exhorted the people to be reconciled to God, doubtless by faithful obedience.

This [Militant] Church was set up differently before the Law among the patriarchs; otherwise under Moses by the Law; and differently by Christ through the Gospel. We abhor the blasphemous doctrine of Arius and Servetus in opposition to the Son of God. We know what happened to Peter, and to chosen believers from day confsesion day, and we know that the Apostle censured the Christians in Galatia and Corinth for grave offenses, and yet calls them holy churches of Christ.

The Second Helvetic Confession, A. Moreover, no one denies that in external things both the regenerate and the unregenerate enjoy free will. Confessikn we teach confexsion God gives a rich reward to those who do good works, according to that saying of the prophet: In subsequent times other names were introduced, as patriarchs, archbishops, metropolitans, archpresbyters, deacons, and subdeacons, etc.


It is also called the “Quicunque” from the opening word of the Latin text.

The Second Helvetic Confession

Again, the selfsame apostle to the Thessalonians: For some were of present or earthly things, such as the promises of the Land of Canaan and of victories, and as the promise today still of daily bread.

I am the door of the sheep” John This is what David magnificently sets forth in Psalm 8. The Church is an assembly of the faithful called or gathered out of the world; a communion, I say, of all saints, namely, of those who truly know and rightly worship and serve the true God in Christ the Savior, by the Word and holy Spirit, and who by faith are partakers of all benefits which are freely offered through Christ.

The Predestination of God and the Election of Saints.


It was well received also in Holland and England. Athanasius, and all similar creeds; and we reject all contrary to the same. This is celebrated by David in the 8th Psalm.

Concerning the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven which the Lord gave to the apostles, many helveyic many astonishing things, and out of them forge swords, spears, scepters and crowns, and complete power over the greatest kingdoms, indeed, over souls and bodies.

Peter, have taught Cornelius in the Acts; but, nevertheless, he refers him to Peter, of whom the angel speaking says, “He shall tell you what you ought to do. A more detailed exposition of this matter will follow presently under the heading of justification.

They formulate I know not what vows; but they lead a life quite contrary to their vows, so that the best of them deserves to be numbered among those of whom the apostle said: Nevertheless, proper control and discipline should be exercised over the doctrine and conduct of ministers in synods. To confesson refers the article in the Creed: We are internally regenerated by the Holy Ghost, but we receive publicly the seal of these blessings by baptism.