Superior performance. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. A multimeter gives you .. From Hewlett-Packard through Agilent to Keysight. For more than Agilent A /2 Digit Multimeter, Refurbished – at Test Equipment Depot. Superior Performance. The Agilent Technologies A multimeter gives you the perfor- mance you need for fast, accurate bench and system.

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After calibration, values are compared to Keithley meter to ensure they agree on readings. HP A power supplies. If you like the article or have any questions, jump in comments! Bad parts from meter. Layout is tidy and nicely done for this instrument, thumbs up to HP engineers.

No function impact anyway. Shift registers on AC circuitry and few other opamps were replaced as well, but that was actually 3401a.

Disclaimer Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: HP A current source for resistance function test. Few photos of calibration steps for better understanding. The photos are of the actual item being sold. In no event shall the author, xDevs. Top Dog Test is corporate friendly we understand the traditional acquisition and capital approval process.

Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. And yes, some were dead short, and some were missing, likely due previous owner repair attempts.


| HP A repair and calibration worklog

Includes all Standard Accessories. Now all voltages are fine, but meter still not working, with exactly same test results, wrong DCV readings and failure on any other function.

How soon will you receive y Front panel board REV. HP A Firmware revision 1. There were some cases of input protection resistors in size failure on A, but check revealed no problem with input circuitry as well.

Overall signal path is rather simple to read on board, even without reference to service manual or schematics. The serial is SG Browse Related Browse Related. First step — zero calibration with 4W short Image Especially considering, that I never had A before.

Again, it was tested and works fine! HP A mainboard, top and bottom side photographs. We tested this item and it appears to be functioning properly, though we did not run it through a HP A front and rear. HP A after cover removed. Banana input terminal jacks are custom-made parts, with big solid copper tube sockets bent and soldered directly to motherboard.

Removed front panel, to get easier access to mainboard.

This unit has been tested and is fully functional. HP A resistor network U and references test. All this signals are measured by reference meter, to get actual value, and then transferred to A under calibration, by switching probes and entering measured value as reference point.


All the 344001a and active parts are located on single mainboard.

34401A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit

Final test with 10VDC: I did not have SOT packaged type, so used leaded ones instead. These are often a problem on old instruments, if contacts got contamination and unable to maintain low resistance connections. July 19,6: Agilent A Digital Hewkett, 6. First step — zero calibration with 4W short.

Agilent A: Multimeters | eBay

This unit is in greatworking condition. U multiplexer 74HC was replaced as well, but issue was same. HP A Replaced components locations. That is likely due to absence of fan or vent holes anywhere in the chassis.

Some of hobbyists were even upgrading reference to LTZ circuit for better A stability. U ASIC resistor network 3440a results. All feedback is valued at xDevs. Replacement of bad tantalums with new ones 22uF 25VDC specification, D-size package fixed local voltage supplies. If you would like to support us by making a donation please click the Paypal button: Removed remnants, cleaned and repaired PCB using copper foil and installed fresh capacitor of same size and spec.

Since board does not have RefDes markings around parts, I did highlights on photo to summarize on changed parts during debug and test: Hp Agilent Keysight A.

All currents were stable and spot on expected values.