The bread that I will give. Is My flesh for the life of the world. And if you eat of this bread. You shall live for ever. You shall live for ever 3. Unless. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Celebrating the life, wisdom, and music of Sr. Suzanne Toolan, author and composer of “I Am the Bread of Life” and other beloved Catholic. Celebrating the life, wisdom, and music of Sr. Suzanne Toolan, author and composer of “I Am the Bread of Life” and other beloved Catholic hymns. by Suzanne.

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Administrative center in Merion, Pennsylvania.

The Covenant Hymnal It was providence, that you were at the right time at the right place, before the can was emptied… and that the student said something to you. I live on Long Island, New York. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Your donations help us do that. Suzanne is one of the rare few who actually did. John the Baptist in Canton, Ohio shared this on Facebook! It is a great job, I like your posts and wish you all the best. You have certainly given it to me!


Hymnal Supplement Posted on April 12, at 8: It truly is a staple in Christian Worship. Come, let us worship Christ Composer: Sister Suzanne, your music is the score for my deepest prayers and the soundtrack for my youth- I confess to have bragged about our association a few times. Search this blog here: When I first sang this song I agreed with the liturgists about its meter and tessitura my Daughter explained and demonstrated its to me.

Posted on September 6, at 5: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I am the bread of life Composer: One of amm very favorites!

Posted on April 11, at 9: This is a beautiful song and I always think of her when I hear it. The story of how this came about is quite remarkable — God even works through the trash! Suzanne Toolan See my other blog postings in the Contemporary Catholic series. I remember being introduced to a woman who was Episcopalian. But I also think rhe popularity stems from its message of resurrection, which is so strong in these words of Jesus.

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BREAD OF LIFE (Toolan) |

I am the Bread of life Yo soy el pan de vida Composer: Wish you more success. Those were fine days, Sister Suzanne, and that your music has touched so many is no surprise to me! She has given much to the world in her work, it is inspired and becomes inspiration that brings us closer to our Lord and Savior. I am always touched when people tell me that at the funeral of a mother, father or friend, these breav words of Jesus gave them consolation.


It has been song at family funerals and weddings.

Hymnary Friends,

It was in Hollywood she became a student of Richard Keys Biggs. I just wanted to tell you how much I love this beautiful hymn! We so need that message of hope. Fantastic article to go through,I would appreciate the writer’s mind and the skills he has presented this great article to get its look in better style. I am also glad that your student was listening! If this score will ths projected or included in a bulletin, usage must be bfead to a licensing agent e.

Thank you, Sister, from the bottom of my heart and the top of my voice! Posted on September 2, at 2: Thank you so much and for you all the best.