Hi, It seems MSDN does not have sufficient documentation on IExtractImage ( shell extension for generating custom thumbnail). So far, I already. The IExtractImage interface is used to request a thumbnail image from a Shell C# Definition: You can use this enum for the IExtractImage. I believe nearly all IExtractImage samples (you find searching) are based on this article’s code, due to naming convention, comments, and so on, that are carried.

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The thumbnail files will be saved in a ‘thumbnail’ subfolder below the folder corresponding to the virtual directory.

Better understand the signs that your business has outgrown its current database. Icons and Icon Overlays.

Since the properties of the ThumbList control may have changed by the calling page, BindThumbList is executed at every page load, except when the update command is executed.

c# – С# получить эскиз из файла через windows api – Qaru

I downloaded the source code and copied it to a virtual directory. The only feasible solution I can think is to get the OS version, then conditionally apply a proper integral cast if 32 or bit.


Since i don’t have the VS. Could you please post your corrected Extract method? Inside the handler, the page number was determined from the CommandEventArgs. This is the snippet of the extension class: My problem is making the shell extension work iextractimahe.

Normally you don’t set this value in order to let user to define the current page by clicking on the page links at the footer of the control.

Generating thumbnails using IExtractImage

I can see that the assembly’s threading model is registered as “Both”, is this different from being a free-threaded? If it is set to ‘true’ an edit link allows you to edit the comment for each thumbnail. Thumbnail overlays, iextractimag small image displayed over the lower right corner of the thumbnail, provide an opportunity for developers to apply brand identification to their thumbnails.

What I have is a shell extension for Windows Iextrctimage.

IExtractImage | Microsoft Docs

Hi, I am a newbie in ASP. The thumbnail is not saved in disk but it is put in cache memory to be available for subsequent calls. Hello phinoppix Thanks for the reply. All sizes are given iectractimage pixels.


IExtractImage works with files, folders, and other namespace objects. Not exactly what you asked, but here’s a project to open a Thumbs. Thumbnails and Icons Thumbnail Handlers. In that folder there’s a PhilipSoft. This made iextractinage life easier. How to run this under windows XP? MSDN coverage is thin with no sample code.

Adornments such as drop shadows iextractimgae applied to thumbnails based on the user’s currently selected theme. Connected to this is the return of an int in Extract. Implement Observer Pattern in. Here are the properties of the ThumbList user control:.

Save every thumbnail if not previously saved to the hard disk and point to the saved thumbnail and not to the HTTP handler.

I have solved alone all my problem. First Prev Next Cache Handler!!

Unfortunately, DataList does not inherently support paging.