ISO Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Theory and application. standard by International Organization for Standardization. Buy PN ISO TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global. Buy NS ISO 1ED TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global.

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Standardized general markup language application permitting linking of documents through selected access points. The protection of computer hardware ixo software from accidental or malicious access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. Software that allows people to work together on the same documents and projects over local and remote networks. However, by generalizing the concept of a “Web resource”, RDF can also be used to represent information about things that can be identified on the Web, even when they cannot be directly retrieved on the Web.

A language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web, particularly intended for representing metadata about Web resources, such as the title, author, and modification date of a Web page, copyright and licensing information about a Web document, or the availability schedule for some shared resource.

The modification of a system to correct faults, isk improve performance, or to adapt the system to a changed environment or changed requirements. User Ios User Manual Definition: Index term of a thesaurus denoting a concept wider than that of another index term with which it has a downward hierarchical relation.

The vocabulary may be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual. XML Facet Definition 1: Web Services refers to izo technologies that allow for making connections.

Index term with a coordinate relation and equal rank to another index term. Special Language Metadata Definition 1: International Organization for Standardization.


Technical Dictionary [this is a synonym] Collection of terminological entries presenting information related to concepts or designations from one or more specific subject fields. A service is the endpoint of a connection. The combination of services – internal and external to an organization – make up ixo service-oriented architecture.

The structure of a system whose components are ranked into levels of subordination for communication purposes according to specific rules.

ISO | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Language used in a subject field and characterized by the use of specific linguistic means of expression. Set of designations belonging to one special language. Science studying the structure, formation, development, usage and management of terminologies in various subject fields.

The specific linguistic means of expression always include subject-specific terminology and phraseology and also may cover stylistic or syntactic features. Abbreviation made up of the initial letters of the components of the full form of the designation or from syllables of the full form and pronounced syllabically.

For example, characteristics of the boundary may include the identification of any physical interconnections, description of signal exchanges across the boundary, or specification of functions performed on each side of the boundary. Representation of a concept by a sign which denotes it.

Terminology work – Vocabulary – Part 1: Theory and application

Abbreviation made up of the initial letters of the components of the full form of the designation or from syllables of the full form and pronounced letter by letter. Smallest linguistic unit conveying a specific meaning and capable of existing as a separate unit in a sentence.

Glossary 1807-1 terms pertaining to the discipline of terminology management. Relation between or among terms in a given language representing the same concept.

Terminological dictionary which contains a list of designations from a subject field, together with equivalents in one or more languages. Knowledge organization systems also include highly structured vocabularies, such as thesauri, and less traditional schemes, such as semantic networks and ontologies. Index term of a thesaurus denoting a concept more specific than that of another index term isso which it has an upward hierarchical relation.


Index term of a thesaurus which denotes the broadest possible concept of any other index term with which it has a downward hierarchical relation and which has no broader term. The descriptor 11087-1 effect substitutes for other terms expressing equivalent or nearly equivalent concepts. Preferred Term Definition 1: Corporate body or individual intellectually responsible for a publication.

ios Unit of knowledge created by a unique combination of characteristics. Designation formed by omitting words or letters from a longer form and designating the same concept. The goal of taxonomy formation is to achieve maximal simplicity and minimal overlap of distinctive characteristics.

Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Examples of acronyms are: Part of a terminological data collection which contains the terminological data related to uso concept. A reinterpretable representation of information in a formalized manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing.

Terminology – Christophe RocheChristophe Roche

To transfer programs or data from a computer to a connected computer with fewer resources, typically from a mainframe to a personal computer. A term may contain symbols and can have variants, e. A shared boundary defined by the characteristics of that boundary. Terminology work — Principles and methods. An essential condition that a system must satisfy.

Examples of initialisms are: