TPR stands for Total Physical Response and was created by Dr. James J Asher. It is based upon the way that children learn their mother. I am inserting some excellent information written by Dr. James , the originator of TPR. It will provide you with the basic concepts and philosophy of this. Most of the studies reported in this article were supported by a research contract from the Personnel and Training Branch of the Office of Naval Research.

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This is to help students differentiate the new words from those previously learned, and to facilitate integration with their existing language knowledge.

TPR: About The Originator, James J. Asher

Academic aptitude is a negligible factor when TPR is applied by a skilled and talented teacher. Additionally, the nature of TPR places an unnaturally heavy emphasis on the use of the imperative moodthat is to say commands such as aher down and stand up. TPR is magical to jump start people of all ages into the target language.

TPR is a valuable way to learn vocabulary, especially idiomatic terms, e. Further, it is easy to overuse TPR– “Any novelty, if carried on too long, will trigger adaptation. No matter how exciting and productive the innovation, people will tire of it.

What is TPR – Updated: Immersion and Dual Language

According to its proponents, total physical response has a number of advantages: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grammar is not taught explicitly but can be learned from the language input. Teaching materials are not compulsory, and for the very first lessons they may not be used. They get excited because they actually understand everything the instructor is saying.


The right brain can process information coming in on parallel tracks while the left brain is limited to one track. The infant’s speech will not be perfect, but gradually, the child’s utterances will approximate more and more that of a native speaker. There is another intriguing fact about the right side of the brain: After puberty, students can still acquire another language but most all will have some accent even if they live for fifty years in another country where the language is spoken.

It is based on the coordination of language and physical movement. How to apply TPR for best results makes the same offer. TPR can be tpg major focus of a language program or an extremely effective supplement. Here is what we now know: My answer, however, is that TPR is a powerful right-brain tool at all levels of second language instruction. If there is damage in Broca’s area, one may understand what people are saying but the person is unable to speak. A Review” by Aeher J.

Can’t we do something else.

Total physical response

After forty years, still a very good idea By James J. Handbook of Undergraduate Second Language Education. The secret is a unique “conversation” between the parent and infant. Learning Another Language Through Actions 5th ed.

It is a means of quickly recognizing meaning in the language being learned, and a means of passively learning the structure of the language itself. Asher is currently developing novel saher of TPR that enable children jzmes adults to enjoy stress-free understanding of mathematics.

As I like to tell instructors around the world, “If you can’t convince students in five minutes that they can actually learn English, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese, you will not convince them even if they stay in your class for a year.

Total physical response is an example of jamees comprehension approach to language teaching. Read on, learn, and enjoy! I understand what she is saying. The smaller the class size, the less one’s workload. With TPR, students understand grammar in the right brain but cannot tell you how grammar works.

  ISO 14496-2 PDF

If there is damage to Wernicke’s area, one can speak but has difficulty understanding what others are saying. I am embarrassed to tell you that I was jealous of their achievements and wanted to experience the same success in learning Mongolian For demonstrations, see his books and articles on arithmetic and algebra.

The reason that TPR dramatically reduces attrition is this: Total physical response is often used alongside other methods and techniques. Instructors issue commands based on the verbs and vocabulary to be learned in that lesson. Silently, the child is internalizing the patterns and sounds of the target language.

Asher hypothesizes that speech develops naturally and spontaneously after learners internalize the target language through input, and that it should not be forced. I recommend you follow up with Students of all ages including adults, suddenly come to life.

He says that left-hemisphere learning should be avoided, and that the left hemisphere needs a great deal of experience of right-hemisphere-based input before natural speech can occur. The majority of class time in TPR lessons is spent doing drills in which the instructor gives commands jakes the imperative mood.

Once they understand, you can then use this skill to move over into Broca’s area of the asber brain with traditional exercises in speaking, reading, and writing.