Just Curious (Jude Deveraux) at New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an. Books by Jude Deveraux, Twin of ice, Counterfeit lady, The duchess, The A Gift of Love: Double Exposure / Just Curious / Gabriel’s Angel. Just Curious by Jude Deveraux – New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an eBook.

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Links outside Open Library No links yet. Standing before her now was a woman with her arms full of a hefty little boy and juggling an enormous diaper bag devedaux she frantically tried to open a stroller. What was her reason? How is that beautiful man? Frowning, Ann had taken her baby from her sister-in-law.

I am offering you a job. Taking it, he looked down at it and frowned.

For years, she worked as 5th-grade teacher. What do you want then? Except my Charlie, of course, he never looked. Crious lack of makeup only revealed perfect skin, high cheekbones, and eyes like dark emeralds. Karen continued to smile. You and your husband were everything to the store.

Just Curious(6) by Jude Deveraux

In the window was hanging a christening gown of fine cotton, hand-tucked, dripping soft cotton lace. For a moment Mac seemed to consider this, then he solemnly lifted his right arm, clenched his fist, and made his biceps bulge through his sweater. Now tell me everything. After taking a bite juet her food, she continued. Inspecting them, she figured that it would take a calculator to add up cuious the children in the photos.


He made me feel useful. One by one, all doors had been opened to her, until she was inside the inner sanctum: See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Turning away from the window, Karen laughed.

Just Curious

But Taggert caught her arm. She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art. Or she could turn out to know half the men there in a way that could be awkward. Remember that red dress you had, slit so high your tonsils were visible? Not in any real sense. It was odd to see this inner sanctum without the formidable Miss Gresham in hust. Taggert was madly, insanely in love with a young woman named Elaine Wentlow.

Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position. Against a wall was a bookshelf filled with books, one shelf covered with framed photographs, and Karen was drawn to them. For others, yes, but never for herself. Curiouw began writing in and her first book, The Enchanted land was published in as Deveraix Deveraux.

As Karen opened her mouth to ask another question, he said, “Ready? Had she not had so much to drink, she would have politely excused herself, but since she was sure she was going to be fired anyway, what did it matter?

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Just Curious eBook by Jude Deveraux | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He thought this was the real reason she’d agreed to this weekend. And deevraux did they give you? Steve shouted to Mac, asking him to come play with them. Just Curious By Jude Deveraux.


Must redeem within 90 days. You know, eeveraux clothing in department stores, so if the children wander outside the play area or someone tries to take them, bells go off as they exit the store. If you are bound and determined to commit suttee for Ray, so be it. I added it up one day.

Jude Deveraux | Open Library

My sister-in-law just had a baby, and she was constantly complaining about anorexic sales girls who looked at her with pity every time she asked if they had something in extra large. Maybe you should go back and get it.

If a mother is to be there a while, I’d tag the kids.

He was laughing at her! She sat, he piled shopping bags around her, then he went to get the two of them ice cream cones, and for a while they sat in silence with their ice cream. In the event of a divorce, even the clothing he bought her would remain with him.

She’d completely forgotten what it was like to shop with a man. I took a guess that it might be the bank you use, so I tapped into the files after you left my office. Can you understand that?