Purpose of this Sloka – This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should. Posted June 5, by meeraghu in Kartivirarjuna Mantra, lyrics, Madhwa Calendar. . For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the. kArtavIrya dvAdashanAma stotram.., Sanskrit text in Unicode Devanagari, other Indian languages, ITRANS and IAST (Roman) encoding as pdf and webpage.

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Posted by kavita on March 4, at 6: Now I shall chant regularly till I get back my money and inform you about the same. Just not able to do anything. Going to chant this mantra now. Posted by meeraghu on January 22, at 2: My daughters first birthday is nearing in another 15 days and need to get that back before that day. Chakra matter are karthaveeryarjnua known to me as I am a humble devotee only. I kqrthaveeryarjuna lost my jwellary.

I told her to do this fast and he changed completely after a few months.

Posted by Premkumar on November 24, at 1: Tara, hope you recover the ornament. We doubt its is the handi work of one of these invited guests as no outsider was invited.


Kathaveeryarjuna was possessiv ab her and also dt was jealous dt she spent most time wd her other colleagues instead me bein her best fren, i know i was wrong and m already feelin d guilt, i want to make all things right, bt karthaeveryarjuna is upset and doesn want to talk to me, plz help me Reply. My best wishes for speedy solution. Day of the week.

I have read about it and had taken a print out of it also. With this nama also we are getting the lost things.

Am chanting this mantra whenever i can. So please send the same in tamil Reply. Also continue this parayanam until lost items are restored to you. Notify me of new comments via email.

Thanks and god bless this site. Just chant the mantra as often as possible.

Prayer for Recovering Lost Items | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Posted by sadhna on October 30, at 2: Can this mantra help him to get these things back to him? Posted by meeraghu on January 26, at I chant this mantra abovestill I m not succeed…can u help through your valuable advices…. I will send my e-mail ID very soon. Please pray for me. It is a great sloka I found my lost ear rings which was misplace for last two years. Laxmanan on November 18, at 8: Karthaveerayrjuna pray for me as it is for rhe sake my work my honesty. I wish you the very best.


She got it back. Nothing to worry, is karthaveerysrjuna experience.

Posted by vijay at 6: Posted by Chitradevi on October 18, at 9: There is no shortcut by praying Karthaveeryarjuna. Posted by Sri on January 13, at 7: Posted by Premkumar on June 19, at Posted by meeraghu on January 3, at 7: Dear Chetan, your problem is of frustration due to neglect shown by a loved one, amntra seems to be the outcome of a one sided romance.

Guruprasad Chartered Accountant Bangalore Reply.

A prayer for recovering stolen things

Devotion and faith are the absolute necessities for succesful japa. Posted by Shailendra Chouksey on September 20, at karthavweryarjuna Jewellery worth 5 lac has been stolen from my house. It would also shower 80 bharas of gold each day. Anupama, Hope you recover your gold items. Kindly please help me and give me solutions so kartahveeryarjuna i can recover my phone.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Chanting Karthaveeryarjuna Mantra is advisable in your case, as the event seems to be an unforeseen loss for you.