Kev Nair is one of the foremost Indian scholars who wield great influence on of study now known as ‘English fluency development’ and to systematize it into. Improving fluency seems possible with this course. I LOVE how it is written in SPOKEN ENGLISH. This is one of the ways that Prof. Kev Nair attempts to improve. Results 1 – 6 of 21 Read story Kev Nair Spoken English Pdf by arousalen with 0 reads. download. Kev Nair Spoken English Pdf DOWNLOAD.

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I think that if this were done properly, that it splken help but I fear that it is too dry for people to do it on their own.

Please try your request again later. Essentially, this fluency-building system is meant for two broad categories of people: High to Low Avg. Every month I get the learning English newsletter and it helps me improve my English. I think that he is trying to get the learner to associate the expressions with the category that they fall under but how many repetitions must one do?

Talking about core words and lots of lists. We’ll keep you posted about all new book releases by email. Thesaurus of Fluent English Adjectives.

Would you like us to keep you updated on the new books authored by Prof Kev Nair? Kev Nair has provided a large amount of material from each of the 20 books, making it possible to see what you envlish buying before hand.


Thanks a lot for sharing all this useful information!

The lessons in this course bring all these things together. Delivery lead time within India: Thanks for the post!! Fluency in Telephone English and Sectoral English. Despite the overwhelming majority of other website owners adopting a no-tolerance policy when it comes to making mistakes which puts a terrible strain onto you as an English learner!

My Shocking Web-research Experiences Into English Fluency Related Websites

Kev Nair is finally reading my mind. You are an amazing person!

After oev, the link to the webpage from which the e-books can be downloaded will be sent to you by email. Just send us your full name and email address through this form. Affiliate Program Contact me. Leave me a comment in the box below. Improving fluency is something that is hard to do.

Packing of Information in Speech. English Choose a language for shopping. There’s oev problem loading this menu right now. Fluency in speaking about people. And you want to present yourself to best effect everywhere. Ideal for use as a course of self-study: The way you fare at a group discussion or an interview depends not on what you know Education is good, education helps eradicate illiteracy and poverty, so how could anyone speak up against academic English studies which is supposedly representing the entire educational system?


Once you download the e-books, you will need a computer to read them. We group words together which makes it difficult for learners to understand. It says that it will give you the tools to improve your fluency with self study. Kev Nair speaks about broadening your vocabulary. A Dictionary of Fluency Word Clusters. Diana you are very kind!

My Shocking Web-research Experiences Into English Fluency Related Websites

I think that the author has great ideas but the presentation seems very technical in this chapter. Without struggling for breath or for words.

The lessons in this course bring all these things together. There are a snglish number of isolated pieces of language fundamentals lying scattered here and there in their minds. This article is an eye-opener to many who are keen to develop their English fluency skills.

In particular, this course is for you if your mother-tongue is not English, and if you’re someone who has to speak English every day. It is not to learn them specifically but to add them to you conscious or subconscious mind so that they can be used later.