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Kannadasan தத்துவ பாடல்

This paper focuses on revising the false statements about al-Ghazali by highlighting his renewal efforts to establish the critical trend in Islamic philosophy, jitab produced from outside the Aristotelian paradigm. This trend which al-Ghazali put its first milestones, directed its critics to the ideas of former philosophers, especially the Muslim Aristotelian School.

He rejected all its forms of imitation, and paved the way to the reason, stressing its role in all issues of thought. He criticized also the philosophers, theologians, and Sufis for relying on imitation, their neglect of the reason, kiab their avoidance of criticism and scrutiny.

He put the foundations of wslad doubt, criticized the philosophical metaphysics, but he did not math, logic, natural and empirical investigation. The paper highlights also the extension of this trend in the Islamic schools of thought and scientific figures aytuhal as Suhrawardi, Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Khaldun.


These later, adopted al-Ghazali’s ideas of intellectual independence and conscious acculturation. Therefore, they were critical to the philosophical ideas of the Aristotelian school, without an inferiority complex or assimilation with the other.

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Reminisces on the Economic Philosophy of Al-Ghazali. Al-Ghazali held an economic activity at the topmost level in his life and economic thought.

According to him, economic activities are not only necessary for the attainment of welfare and overall benefit to society, but also for achieving According to him, economic activities are not only necessary for the attainment of welfare and overall benefit to society, but also for achieving excellence and purity here and hereafter, spiritual completeness and salvation.

There is a need for a paradigm shift from the pure economic-based approach to a spiritually based approach which has its roots in religion and philosophies of great Muslim philosophers including Al-Ghazali.

We need to revisit the philosophy and economic thought of Al-Ghazali. We need to realize the fact that happiness encompasses the transformation of the self, and that this transformation entails the realization that individual is predominantly a spiritual being.


And he who knows himself is truly happy Al-Ghazali, Our faith needs to be made strong enough to bring equilibrium in all state of affairs. Extravagance must be avoided and the principle of the economy be followed by a heart. Emphasis atyuhal to be put on Islamic Ethics which inspires a man to take all necessary measures to be polite, upright and virtuous.


The concept of man and his activities in Islam needs to be understood in order to understand the philosophy of Al-Ghazali in general and economic thought in aayyuhal.

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Ebu Hamid el-Gazali, s arapskog preveo: Similarities, Differences, and a Vicious Circle. This article wishes to shed light The first is the position that Ibn Taymiyya is arguing against in the initial passages of this book. Given that it presents itself as a work of refutation raddwhat exactly is it trying to refute at the outset?

The second ayyuhal the position Ibn Taymiyya develops in response to the views he rejects. The two questions are closely connected and have – despite several attempts – not yet received a satisfactory answer in the available secondary literature.

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