Operating instructions, Kx-ta, Kx-ta • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic KX-TA User Manual. Panasonic KX-TA • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Installation Manual MODEL. KX-TA KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid System. System Highlights System Capacity.

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Panasonic KX-TA user manual – – Solve your problem

System data clear should be performed before System Programming. Index N Night Button There are 2 pulse rates, Low Speed 10 pps and High Speed 20 pps. Any 4-digit code can be used to lock and unlock an extension.

Page 8 Contents Paging Ox-ta616 outside CO line must be assigned to description an outside CO line group. To enable it, select the required flash signal sending time for an outside CO line.

With a single line telephone SLTeither one outside or intercom call can be held at one time. System Programming []-[] [] Call Kxx-ta616 to an Outside CO Line Enables or disables transferring an intercom or outside call to any outside CO line manually for each extension. Bocsh electric tools Makita electric tools.


Page Section 5 Appendix When the user goes off-hook, they are connected to an idle line. Outside Calling Features Outside Calling Allows an extension user to make a call to an external party by using one of the following line access methods.

Install at least 1. Each COS is programmed to have a toll restriction class for day mode, night mode and lunch mode. If enabled, an extension user can interrupt an established call. If you install an optional card, This manual also for: Features Flexible Buttons A proprietary telephone PT user can change the flexible buttons on the manal and DSS console to certain function buttons.

Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment. Hookswitch Flash Features Hookswitch Flash Flashing the hookswitch is manuwl to allow a single line telephone user to hold a call for transferring or holding, if the flash time is within the assigned time in program []. These noise sources can interfere with the performance of the Advanced Hybrid System. Door opener 1 Door opener 4 Door opener 2 Door opener 3 To the door openers 2. Connect the wires of doorphones 1 and 3 to the red and green screws on the terminal box.

Do not obstruct area around the system for reasons of maintenance and inspection — be especially careful to allow space for cooling above and at the sides of the system.


Panasonic KX-TA616 User Manual – Download

Wrap the strap around all of the cords. Determines the number of lines per page. Printer And Pc Connection 2. If enabled, the outside call duration k-ta616 be determined. Call Forwarding Features Call Forwarding Allows an extension user to transfer incoming calls automatically to another extension or to an external destination.

Backup Batteries Connection 2. Using the handset Any Telephone extension Before System Programming Programming example The following programming instructions assume that you kx-tta616 already entered the programming mode.

Two types are available. Programming Example Before System Programming Programming example The following programming instructions assume that you have already entered the programming mode.

The option to manuao the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual.