thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the. LANCER. The Owner’s Manual contains. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Aug, by Tusing. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 Feb, by Jholt. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB.

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Seat and seat belts 5. Overview Trunk area Vehicles with spare wheel E 1. Page Instruments and controls NOTE The fuel units, temperature units, display language, and other settings can be changed.

Replacement Of Lamp Bulbs, Bulb Capacity Except for vehicles with high intensity discharge ble to repair or replace just the bulb. Press and hold the multi-information meter switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch to select changing the turn-sig- from the setting mode screen to the menu Select the item to change on the menu screen ownerd. Seat and seat belts Seat belts To install Confirm that the head restraint is facing the correct E To protect you and your passengers in the event of direction, and then insert it into the seatback while an accident, it is most important msnual the seat belts pressing the height ownerrs knob A in the direc- are worn correctly while driving.

Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Starting and driving Economical driving Page For pleasant driving 1. Do not use the tyre sealant if the tyre has been damaged by being driven when insuffi- ciently inflated e. Page For emergencies 3.


Outside Rear-view Mirrors Starting and driving Outside rear-view mirrors 1. Rear-view Camera Have vehicle inspected ted to the area shown in the illustrations. Service Precautions, Catalytic Converter We recommend you to have the periodic inspection installed in the exhaust system. Enter text from picture: Take out the jack from its designated position. Page For pleasant driving Call waiting and three-way calls can be used 4.


For Pleasant Driving For pleasant driving Ventilators Starting and driving Steering wheel height adjustment Inside rear-view mirror Where you park E E 1. Have vehicle inspected ted to the area shown in the illustrations. The interval from the start of your trip until this message is displayed can be set.

For pleasant driving NOTE NOTE Traffic information E If the SEEK button 7 to 8 is pressed, the ra- After selecting a mode, you can leave the func- The radio will automatically tune in to traffic infor- dio will try to find out another broadcast of tion setup mode by taking either of the fol- mation broadcasts while receiving FM broadcasts the same maanual type as currently selected.

Majual are not allowed to tamper with the seat belts or their mamual in any way.

Enter the function setup mode by pressing digital clock adjustment. Table Of Contents General information Fuel selection Page Maintenance 3.

Maintenance Wiper blade rubber replacement General maintenance 4. Fully engage the parking brake while depress- For vehicles with Twin Clutch SST, do not indication lamp does not come on even if the ing the brake pedal.


While holding down the tab Apull out the bulb.

Adjustable seat belt anchor front seats p. Never attempt to start the engine by push- ing or pulling the vehicle. Park your vehicle in a safe place and stop operating, which means that the road is the engine. Refer to switch oaners about 2 seconds or more to switch the following items for further details on the from the setting mode screen to the menu For safety, stop the vehicle before operat- operation methods. The fuse boxes in the passenger compartment are located behind the glove box at the position shown in the illustration.

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (434 pages)

Page Starting manal driving NOTE Reversing sensor system detection areas CAUTION Depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with The buzzer may sound lower than the normal a towing bar, you can manaul the reversing sensor warning sound when the reversing sensor sys- The reversing sensor system may not op- system between the standard mode and the towing tem is receiving ultrasonic noise from other Do not leave any objects near the brake E 3.

Set the parking brake firmly on each vehicle.

The engine is stopped, but the audio system and oth- For details, we recommend you to consult a er electric devices can be operated. Page For pleasant driving 2.