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In he was called to Rome, where he was ordained priest and for four years studied philosophy and theology at the Roman College. See also Roth, Conversos, Inquisition, p. He authored the unpublished De casibus conscientiae summa and In Evangelium Ioannis. See Thomas Aquinas, Contra impugnantes Dei cultum et religionem, 5. He was particularly interested in writing on the distinctive aspects of Catholicism: Verily I am a luckless miserable fellow and scarcely could there be a more wretched creature, for who will spare a little sympathy for one who manages to offend everybody?

Cardinal Bellarmine and his confessor, Father Fabius, lraciones with five former assistants to the General, all men well versed in the study of our origins, had not the slightest doubt about the truth of the story. Alonso Ruiz was sent first to Granada and few years later to Peru, where he died in Moreover, if they do not remain in unbelief, they will be grafted on. The Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem: The enemy of humankind, once he saw the word of God fall on good field, engaged in sowing weeds, so that, rammed the seed, it would not produce fruit [Matthew In statuto autem nostro omnia prius diversa sunt, nec effici ullo pacto potest, enchigidion id haeresis sit [.

Francisco entered the Franciscans inwhere magicae achieved notoriety, but as a result of the endorsement of the purityof-blood legislation by his Order inhe suffered discrimination. See Mon Borgia 3: A few decades later Aguilera would financially support the foundation of the Jesuit College in Bruges.


He and his thirty-nine young companions were stripped down, chopped in pieces, and thrown into the sea. But you stand on faith. For a very concise history of the Iberian Jews and conversos, with a bibliography on the subject, see Esther Benbassa and Aron Rodrigue, Sephardi Jewry: Intogether with Nadal, he was appointed pontifical theologian for the Diet of Augsburg.

Listen to what I have to say. Mallorca,vol. Loarte, who was already fifty-six when he entered the Society and who died after twenty-four years of working mostly in Italy, became one of the most prolific, published, and translated spiritual writers of the first generation of Jesuits.

See also John W. Pontifex volens remedium adhibere tradidit memoralia Cardinali Borromeo, qui agente cum ipso Benedicto Palmio, cuius conscientia multa considebat, et rogante huius sententiam petivit ab eo Palmius, ut sua conscientia.

Concerning the Unity of the Faith and Agreeable and Peaceful Equality of the Faithful], which is an allusion to the words of old Simon in the Gospel according to Luke 2: As a Christian, his Jewish blood was not an ignominy but ennoblement, for he was not a wild shoot, as each of us is, but a fallen branch of the good olive grafted again sweetly and fitly into the parent stock.

It is evident in a manuscript that has remained virtually unknown for more than years its critical edition is published in the appendix to the present book. A Documentary history of the Jews of Italy Jerusalem: Similarly, the Apostle Paul, vase of choice and principal extirpator of this weed, relates that at the beginning a disagreement was born over favoritism among the converted to the faith: Their presence in the Society is a story of conspiracy and deceit. During General Congregation 4in Messina The first tip comes from the topography of the city of Majorca.

SMRT Maryks -The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews ().pdf – PDF Free Download

There is no record from the very beginnings of Christianity of anyone who was minimally suspected of heresy. So if you have been cut off from the wild olive tree, which is natural to you, and, contrary to nature, you enchlridion grafted on to the good olive tree, how much more shall those who are the natural branches be grafted on to their own olive tree?


I have gravely offended God, villainously degraded and disgraced a most eminent and saintly man now reigning with Him, wounded the Society itself by fixing on it a foul blot and dishonor, and even contaminated my neighbor with infamy. For the text of the bull, see Bullarium Romanum Turin: Kaplan, in his The Evolution of Converso Literature: Astrain dedicates a long paragraph to a disapproving portrayal of him see Astrain, Historia, 3: For if their loss is for the reconciliation of the world, what could their return be for, except life out of death?

Who, then, will dare to say that the men purified by water of baptism are still marked by the stain orraciones infamy of their ancestors, while their own sins are completely removed by the same water of baptism?

SMRT 146 Maryks -The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (2009).pdf

This argument seems to be the ideological backbone of the Jesuit apostolate to the Roman Jews, as we shall see below: We beg for the removal of so great a slur on the sweet memory of so great a Father.

However, he never divulged it.

Mercurian refused to admit him to the profession of solemn vows, and Acquaviva dismissed him in Surprisingly, Rosenstock New Men, p. Nadal got to know Polanco well during one year of daily meetings that were held in the Jesuit headquarters, but then he was appointed the superior of a group destined to open the first Jesuit school in Messina, and he left Rome on 18 March The latter calls for more drastic measures: In order to make his apostolate among Jews more successful, Loyola pressed Pope Paul III to change the papal policy towards converted Jews and to issue in the bull Cupientes Iudaeos, which allowed catechumens to retain their property after their conversion.