The Lyonesse Trilogy is a group of three fantasy novels by Jack Vance, set in the European .. but which contains significant elements of fantasy and magic lends itself to use as setting for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Aug 9, The good people at the Design Mechanism have shared this draft of their map of the ‘Elder Isles’ for their forthcoming Lyonesse RPG (based. Apr 13, Sorry if this is a derail of your thread but as someone who has not read Lyonesse: what’s so great about it? In other words, why is it a good rpg.

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Shimrod can not act directly against Carfilhiot to rescue Glyneth and Dhrun, because that would constitute taking Aillas’ side in a political matter and violate Murgen’s edict. After several battles, the Dahaut army is routed. Ask Me Anything Vance makes no pretence of historical accuracy.

Lyonesse RPG (Jack Vance)

I added it to It is also mentioned that in later times, fishermen sailing over drowned Ys lyonezse glimpsed the wonderful structures of marble, where nothing moved but schools of fish”; but there is no clear indication of how many generations of fishermen would have this experience before Joald finally broke loose and the whole land shared Ys’ fate. This did not come true, and in the lyonexse the Grail gets taken out of Lyonesse without having made much impression on anybody.

On an unauthorized outing into the forest, she is separated from her bodyguard the stable-hand Pimfet and discovers her mother, the fairy Twisk, and learns the truth, including the fact that her father’s identity is unknown. The Ska lay siege to Carfilhiot’s castle Tintzin Fyral, and Aillas gets a good look at the castle’s defenses.

Rppg is acknowledged to be a big influence by Wolfe. Sounds like a great idea. The Arthurian hypothesis can perhaps be countered by strong indications that the author has delivered a very conscious melding of various other medieval folkloric and more formal story telling themes, characters and plot devices.

Lyonesse Trilogy – Wikipedia

You chased a thief into a swamp, trekked through trackless forests and bogs, and fought your way out of an ambush set by orx. Desmei’s physical form is destroyed, and an insane Tamurello tries to free Joald with the help of Torqual simply to spite Murgen, fully aware that it will mean the end of the Elder Isles.


The combination of a tale that is apparently set in medieval Europe, but which contains significant elements of fantasy and magic lends itself to use as setting for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Shimrod learns from a magic monitor that watches his house that the thieves who tortured his house servant and stole his goods were a handsome young aristocrat and an older robber who complained that years of climbing on rooftops had left him with sore knees. Tamurello offers to bring Carfilhiot to his manse, but Carfilhiot refuses to leave his castle.

Carfilhiot tells him Fidelius is probably a quack but Rughalt is adamant; if he got his agility back, he would no longer be poor. Dumarest Vaquero de Alta California Apr 13, Before they can cause the downfall of the entire island however, Tamurello is defeated and Torqual is beheaded.

Princess Madouc, unaware of her true parentage, suffers an unhappy childhood comparable to Suldrun’s, but has more spunk and actively resists the regimen imposed upon her as a royal princess. Aillas manages to escape and returns to the garden where he learns from Suldrun’s ghost that he has a son, but he is perplexed to see the Princess Madouc in a royal procession.

I like what I’ve got from LotFP Joined Apr 25, Messages 1, Likes 1, While in port, Trewan learns that his father has died and that the line of royal succession now passes from King Granice to his youngest brother Ospero and then to Ospero’s son Aillas, bypassing Trewan.

Lyonesse RPG by Design Mechanism | Sorcerer Under Mountain

Lyoneese I agree that Lyonesse stands out among his work because it is emotionally impactful, many of his other books are purposefully chilly in affect.

The world’s most complete directory of tabletop RPG depictions of fictive worlds which originated in other media. Friday, 13th April, Those are supplements useful for any system. Vance builds the history of his world ljonesse layers of facts, names and religions taken from various European cultures — Greeks, Romans, Celts, pre-Carolingian French and Spanish “kingdoms” etc. World of Darkness Madouc’s response is to seek the Grail herself, since that seems the best method of preserving herself.

However, Joald can only be bound again, not destroyed, as he is under the protection of certain elder gods — and thus the Isles’ doom is only put off. Apocryphal Well-Known Member Apr 14, Shimrod takes Rughalt deep into the woods and extracts Carfilhiot’s name from him.


At the Goblin Fair in the forest of Tantrevalles, Melancthe is entranced by four beautiful flowers she has bought, which evoke emotions she can’t quite identify. To read a review of Skyfarer’s gaming system, click here. Shimrod and Aillas ride to Tamurello’s mansion but arrive too late; Carfilhiot and the wagon are gone. The pearl changes hands a number of times, impelling each new owner to strange excesses of conduct, until the final owner offends a minor magician, who takes him deep into the forest and casts a spell of rgp on him.

Aillas’ policies are based on the Balance of power doctrine, whereby Troicinet seeks to make sure no mainland power would become too strong by supporting the weaker party in any conflict — which is clearly reminiscent of the traditional British policy with regard to Europe. The RPG, a Review.

Desmei manifests out of Melancthe, possesses Torqual, and the Melancthe is left to be brutally killed by Murgen’s sentries. Thanks for this, Morrus.

Lyonesse RPG by Design Mechanism

The Butcher Red Wizard Apr 15, Join the ranks of the Skyborn, with Overlight. Both Shimrod and Tamurello arrive, prompted by the opening of the interworld portal. Oh yeah sold on this! Shimrod and Melancthe peruse the booths at the fair. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Aillas and Shimrod are prevented from following Glyneth through the portal into Tanjecterly by Murgen, who understands that this is part of a plot by Casmir and Tamurello to get rid of them, thus weakening Murgen and advancing Casmir’s political goals.

At the very first paragraph of the first book, Vance informs the reader that the Elder Isles sank under the sea at some later time which, indeed, readers can know for themselves by glancing at the map of Western Europe and finding no such islands off its shore. Vance is flat out my favorite author.

Believing that Aillas and her lyonesee are dead, Suldrun hangs herself in her garden.