Özet: Mantar zehirlenmesi mortalitesi yüksek zehirlenmelerdendir. Zehirli mantarlar özellikle ilkbahar ve sonbahar mevsimlerinde ortaya çıkarlar ve. SUMMARY4 cases of mushroom poisoning encountered in Clinics of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Ondokuz Mayis University School of Medicine were. Mantarlar doğada yaygın olarak bulunurlar. Bazı toksik mantar türlerinin tüketilmesi ciddi zehirlenmeye neden olabilir. Mantarlar çoğunlukla iyi seyirli ve.

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Bartels O, Topff G: Diagnosis and Treatment at Acute Poisonings 2nd ed.

Retrospective evaluation of mushroom intoxication cases. Turk Neph Dial Transpl ; 10 1: Ingestion zehirlwnmeleri some kind of toxic mushrooms may cause serious toxicity.

Ingestion of wild mushrooms that contain amatoxin is especially important because of the high mortality. Hum Exp Toxicol ; 26 Turkiye Klinikleri J Anest Reanim ;4 3: Eksen Publishing, ; 9.

Mantar Zehirlenmesi

Aggarval P, Wali J: Evaluation of 28 cases. Nobel Medical Science Bookstore, ; Mushroom PoisoningsMushrooms are commonly found in the nature. Therefore, the restriction of selling wild mushrooms and the education of people about results of this poisoning may decrease the mortality. Crit Care Med ; 33 2: An analysis of the data between and Access the full text: Journal of Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine ; 27 1: In this poisoning, different clinical results may be seen according to the type of ingested mushrooms.


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In the present study, general characteristics of mushroom poisoning, types of mushrooms, recent therapy methods, and preventing precautions were evaluated. Extracorporal therapies at mushroom poisonings.

Mantar Zehirlenmeleri.

Determination of the type of toxic mushrooms and prediction of clinical outcome may serve positive contribution to planning of therapy. The ingestion of wild mushrooms picked up from nature is an important clinical problem in our country.

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Mantar Zehirlenmeleri [2009]

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